Venezuela: International community reacts to Sunday’s vote |

Venezuela: International community reacts to Sunday’s vote

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US Vice President Mike Pence has reaffirmed his government”s decision to slap sanctions on President Nicolas Maduro and his close associates 2. SOUNDBITE (English) Mike Pence, US Vice President: The United States calls on all that cherish freedom to condemn the Maduro regime for its abusive power for its abuse of its own people. Venezuela deserves democracy and the Venezuelan people deserve freedom.” This as officials at the European Union are mulling over what it calls “an appropriate and coordinated” response to the Venezuelan crisis. DLS A whole range of actions are being discussed. We promote, as we”ve already said, a political solution to the crisis and we are ready to further support ongoing regional mediation efforts.”-Catherine Ray, EU Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Spain and the European Parliament have pushed for sanctions, but a unanimous vote on the issue is unlikely. The EU said it has “grave doubts” about recognising Sunday”s election for a Constituant Assembly. The Organisation of American States also condemned Tuesday”s detention of two prominent Venezuelan opposition figures who were already under house arrest Colombia joined Panama and Argentina in speaking up against the latest crackdown COLOMBIA 61033 SOUNDBITE 1 – Maria Angela Holguin, Colombian Foreign Minister (woman, Spanish, 15 sec):”What we have said is that we hope that both Mayor Ledezma and Leopoldo Lopez, can return to their homes for their detention We hope that it will happen soon, We”re worried about their situation.”But other nations in the region remained silent … Nicolas Maduro”s plans for a Constituant Assembly has been met with fierce resistanceThe new body will have the powers to override the opposition-led National Assembly and rewrite the country”s Constitution Critics fear that the citizens” body would be biased towards chavistas … and is a power grab by Maduro The President is to swear in the 545 members of the new assembly Thursday



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