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Trailers – Summary & Buzz: Film Openings USA –March 10  2016

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March 10

Kong: Skull Island (2017) Poster

Kong: Skull Island


Certificate PG-13   –   Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Sci-Fi

A team of scientists, soldiers and adventurers unites to explore an uncharted island in the Pacific. Cut off from everything they know, the team ventures into the domain of the mighty Kong. As their mission becomes one of survival, they must fight to escape a primal Eden.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts


Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, John C. Reilly

Watch Trailer:

Indiewire | Eric Kohn | Mar 2, 2017
“Kong: Skull Island may include some clever period details and idiosyncratic asides, but it’s largely a blockbuster B-movie less interested in depth than scale”

THE BUZZ: Given the character’s long and broad cinematic history, there seems to be a new King Kong film for every generation. And this latest iteration, set in the 1970s, offers a spin that feels both fresh and timeless at the same time. Be prepared for very obvious visual and cinematic references and a heroic action role for Oscar winner Brie Larson, who gets to flex some literal muscle in the middle of the Pacific. – Bret

Raw (2016) Poster



Certificate R   –   Drama | Horror

When a young vegetarian undergoes a carnivorous hazing ritual at vet school, an unbidden taste for meat begins to grow in her.

Julia Ducournau


Garance Marillier, Ella Rumpf, Rabah Nait Oufella, Laurent Lucas

Watch Trailer:

Variety | Catherine Bray | May 23, 2016
“Raw is a deliciously fevered stew of nightmare fuel that hangs together with a breezily confident sense of superior craft.”

THE BUZZ: I became obsessed with seeing this movie ever since catching a glimpse of an interview with director Julia Ducournau, who described her film as a “mutant” and the journalist conducting the conversation just did not know how to handle her fierceness. My fixation grew even more pointed when I learned from the critics I trust the most that the narrative is lean, that there are some crazy prosthetics, and that the final scene is both sickening and satisfying. – Arno

Badrinath Ki Dulhania (2017) Poster

Badrinath Ki Dulhania


  –   Comedy | Drama | Romance

Badrinath Bansal from Jhansi and Vaidehi Trivedi from Kota belong to small towns but have diametrically opposite opinions on everything. This leads to a clash of ideologies, despite both of them recognizing the goodness in each other.

Shashank Khaitan


Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Gauhar Khan, Shweta Prasad

Watch Trailer:

THE BUZZ: There should be fantastic box office results for this romantic comedy that pairs Varun Dhawan, one of India’s most successful young actors, with Alia Bhatt, the daughter of famed Saaransh director Mahesh Bhatt.

The Ottoman Lieutenant (2016) Poster

The Ottoman Lieutenant


Certificate R   –   Drama | War

The Ottoman Lieutenant is a love story between an idealistic American nurse and a Turkish officer in World War I.

Joseph Ruben


Michiel Huisman, Hera Hilmar, Josh Hartnett, Ben Kingsley

Watch Trailer:

The Seattle Times | Moira Macdonald | Mar 9, 2017
“I’ll admit to a weakness for this sort of thing (which Merchant-Ivory, a couple of decades back, made into elegant art), but even I couldn’t muster up much enthusiasm for this one, a tepid love triangle set in the Ottoman Empire in the early days of World War”

THE BUZZ: The consensus about this WWI drama focuses on two ideas: First, it is a Turkish production, and the story looks to skip right over the Armenian Genocide without looking to the rest of the world for critique; second, the script’s focus on a love triangle does another disservice to the movie, which could have been more epic, and much more honest, in scope.

Personal Shopper (2016) Poster

Personal Shopper


Certificate R   –   Drama | Mystery | Thriller

Revolves around a ghost story that takes place in the fashion underworld of Paris.

Olivier Assayas


Kristen Stewart, Lars Eidinger, Sigrid Bouaziz, Anders Danielsen Lie

Watch Trailer:

Time Out London | Guy Lodge | May 20, 2016
“Amid all the shifting mirrored surfaces and hazy ambiguities of Olivier Assayas’s bewitching, brazenly unconventional ghost story, this much can be said with certainty: Kristen Stewart has become one hell of an actress.”

THE BUZZ: A couple weeks ago I watched The Clouds of Sils Maria three times over a single weekend. So, I am more than ready for a new film from Oliver Assayas and his new muse (?). The film’s earned wildly divisive reviews that all manage to agree on one thing: Kristen Stewart’s performance is, like her work in Sils Maria, of the highest quality. – Arno

The Sense of an Ending (2017) Poster

The Sense of an Ending


Certificate PG-13   –   Drama

A man becomes haunted by his past and is presented with a mysterious legacy that causes him to re-think his current situation in life.

Ritesh Batra


Jim Broadbent, Charlotte Rampling, Harriet Walter, Michelle Dockery

Watch Trailer:

The Hollywood Reporter | Todd McCarthy | Jan 6, 2017
“The lineup of fine actors keenly registers minute details about the passage of time with humor, wisdom and a sharp sense of how moments of rash or just misguided behavior can forever dictate a life’s path.”

THE BUZZ: There seem be many story elements packed into the new film from Ritesh Batra, director of The Lunchbox, an adaptation of the heralded Julian Barnes novel that looks at the consequences of a young man’s behavior a half a century later. Part uncoming of age, part murder mystery, part family drama (Michelle Dockery plays Jim Broadbent’s pregnant, seemingly neglected daughter), The Sense of an Ending doesn’t seem to unfurl or wrap up as perfectly as Batra’s earlier film.

My Scientology Movie (2015) Poster

My Scientology Movie


Certificate Not Rated   –   Documentary

Louis Theroux documents his investigation into what goes on behind the scenes of the infamous Church of Scientology.

John Dower


Louis Theroux, Rob Alter, Tom Cruise, Paz de la Huerta

Watch Trailer:

Los Angeles Times | Noel Murray| Mar 9, 2017
“As he uses Rathbun’s old tactics against his observers, Theroux raises troubling questions about psychological warfare and how devoutness shades into fanaticism.”

THE BUZZ: British journalist Louis Theroux, who got his start working with Michael Moore, turns his investigative skills to the Church of Scientology. Unable to gain access to the organization, he frames this film around reconstructions, holding auditions in Los Angeles with amusing results. The definitive documentary on the religion remains Alex Gibney’s Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, but Theroux’s take is a worthy companion piece. – Michael

The Other Half (2016) Poster

The Other Half


  –   Drama | Romance

A bipolar woman and a grief-stricken man struggle to forge a simple life.

Joey Klein


Tatiana Maslany, Tom Cullen, Diana Bentley, Henry Czerny

Watch Trailer:

Variety | Justin Chang | Mar 9, 2017
“What might have seemed pro forma on paper…overcomes its occasionally studied stylistic tics to become a troubled, anguished love story that neither exaggerates nor soft-pedals the demons on display.”

THE BUZZ: Tom Cullen gets an opportunity to explore a new kind of character, something which his co-star, Tatiana Maslany, is no stranger to. At SXSW and other festivals over the last year, the duo helped bring attention to Joey Klein with his first feature.

The Dark Below (2015) Poster

The Dark Below


Certificate Unrated   –   Thriller

A woman struggles for survival beneath a frozen lake while a serial killer stalks her from the surface.

Douglas Schulze


Lauren Mae Shafer, David G.B. Brown, Veronica Cartwright,Zachary Levine

Watch Trailer:

The Hollywood Reporter | Frank Scheck | Mar 9, 2017
While its intriguing setup sounds like it could make for a provocative and original thriller, The Dark Below never lives up to its promise, although it earns points for originality.

THE BUZZ: The fourth feature from director Douglas Schulze earned raves at some of the higher profile genre film festivals out there, and its premise alone is sure to earn plenty of clicks once the movie hits streaming. It’s cool to see the truly indie minded distributor Parade Deck Films continuing to get movies like this out into theaters, too.

Uncertain (2015) Poster



  –   Documentary | Comedy | Drama

Uncertain is a visually stunning and disarmingly funny portrait of the literal and figurative troubled waters of Uncertain, Texas, a 94-resident town so tucked away “you’ve got to be lost to find it”.

Ewan McNicol | Anna Sandilands

Watch Trailer:

Village Voice | Danny Bowes | Mar 9, 2017
“Uncertain is a film content to be small, one that knows that every atom is a universe.”

THE BUZZ: Despite an intoxicating trailer that introduces a series of themes about life in this remote Texas town, the main reason I’m interested in this documentary is because it doesn’t seem to fetishize the seemingly impoverished town or its residents. Instead, it looks to have its cameras pointed, focused, and ready to let Uncertain, Texas, tell its own stories. – Arno

Suntan (2016) Poster



Certificate Unrated   –   Comedy | Drama | Romance | Thriller

On a hedonistic Greek island, a middle-aged doctor becomes obsessed with a young tourist when she lets him tag along with her group of hard partying friends.

Argyris Papadimitropoulos


Makis Papadimitriou, Elli Tringou, Dimi Hart, Hara Kotsali

Watch Trailer:

Screen International | Wendy Ide | Mar 9, 2017
“A deftly handled cautionary tale, there is a compulsive, creeping horror to this portrait of a man losing all self-respect. That said, it is frequently a tough watch.”

THE BUZZ: One of the themes we’re looking forward to seeing explored in our first look at the work of filmmaker Argyris Papadimitropoulos is the thought that certain people cannot fit into insular communities; in this instance, it’s a middle aged man who loses his path after sampling some of a hedonistic island culture’s goods. We think this is Papadimitropoulos’ first film to get theatrical distribution in the U.S. though he’s known internationally for Wasted Youth and Bank Bang which was a hit in his native Greece.



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