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lunes 13 marzo, 2017 18:34
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The Four Pillars of the Republican Party

The Democratic party is nothing but a farce of an opposition now. There are three pillars to the modern Republican party, four if you count the Democratic party.



Pillar 1 – This includes the good old fashioned country clubbers and somewhat cynical realists – the moderate to conservative average Joes and Janes that have always made up the republican voter base. Overall they are decent people who have a bit of a rough time empathizing with those whose suffering they can’t directly experience. There is wisdom in this in that the world is a source of corruption and too strenuous an effort to create a utopia of any kind all too often results in unforeseen negative consequences. These folks I have no problem with. I think their basic decency blinds them to the iniquities of the other two pillars of their party.

Pillar 2 – This is constituted by hate filled, bigoted, medievalist, right wing Christian fundamentalists and evangelicals. These guys have been actively attempting to usurp the constitution, gain control of all levels of government for some time now, and use it to coercively proselytize to all who dare believe something other than that which they believe. Their hatred and arrogant intolerance is evinced in their words, from Pat Robertson’s calls to exterminate those who refuse to convert to the reams of apocalyptic literature in which the suffering and damnation of all but them are described in gory, gleeful, and salacious detail. They enjoy a strange bed fellowship with those who cynically use them for voting muscle…..

Pillar 3 – The amoral Ayn Rand economic nihilists, a.k.a. the corporate internationalists, a.k.a. the neocons. These are the truly soulless self serving representatives of the most mammonistic nature of corporate America and the world. Through their constant agitation, supported by corporate billions, they have dismantled and bought up what was once a fairly reliable, dispersed, and fact checking media, turning it into nothing but a well disguised organ of corporate propaganda and mind numbing triviality to keep the masses so lost in the fog of popular culture and uninformed that they vote for the very people who exploit them. They oppose true campaign finance reform, of the type that has been largely successful in every other major industrialized democracy in the world, exploit the ignorant greed, sloth, lust, vanity, gluttony, rage, and most importantly, pride of the spoiled, whining, eternally adolescent American public for their own benefit and scream COMMIE RAT TREASONOUS BASTARDS at the top of their lungs when anyone dares question their motives and true intentions, much less their actions, and especially their profits. In fact they are the same purveyors and connoisseurs of smut and moral decay that their fanatic medievalist allies hate, and so, just in case it appears as if those crazy zealots might actually ever gain enough power to truly affect the lifestyles of the rich and famous there is always the option of allowing the 4th pillar of the republican party a turn at appearing to be in control….

4th Pillar of the Republican Party – the farce of an opposition, a.k.a. the Democratic party. In that 60% of corporate largess is suckled from the right teat by the Republican party, the other 40% oozes from the left teat into the hungry and waiting mouths of the farcical opposition, the democratic party. When the religious right gets too antsy, let the Dems pretend to be in control and torpedo anything those few who honestly still believe in something try to do with lies, scandal and well financed smear campaigns,

Which leads us to a brand new form of government – democratic fascism, where criticism of corporate abuses is labeled “communism” and a facade of a democratic government is adroitly maintained to cover up the reality of governance by money, corporate control of the media, and cynical Leninist manipulative propaganda techniques by those very people most likely to call a populist or progressive a “Stalinist”

Not all evil people are depraved and for those who command the respect of others they always either create, alter or adopt some form of mental structure that transforms their wickedness into virtue and other’s virtue, where it opposes their wickedness, into vice. They then proceed to congregate together in order to constantly reassure each other of their goodness because beyond all the bullshit they constantly feed themselves in order to sleep well at night they know the truth, and this fills them all the more with rage at those who oppose them with honesty.


BY IBBLE BLIBBLE  | democraticfascism.blogspot.it

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