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By (Media - Bambinoides) On jueves, noviembre 9th, 2017

Lobbying in the United States

  Lobbying in the United States describes paid activity in which special interests hire well-connected professional advocates, often lawyers, to argue for specific legislation in decision-making bodies  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On martes, noviembre 7th, 2017

Moral Emptiness: Donald Trump and the Erosion of American Greatness

Some say Donald Trump’s presidency does not present an existential threat to the American Republic. But after a year of MAGA, it has become clear that a disaster is unfolding whose consequences for humanity  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On sábado, septiembre 30th, 2017

Retroceso en las relaciones entre EE.UU. y Cuba

Misteriosos ataques acústicos ponen en un brete las relaciones entre Cuba y Estados Unidos. Washington anunció este viernes que desalojará aproximadamente al 60% de sus funcionarios en La Habana y advirtió  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On viernes, septiembre 22nd, 2017

Las amenazas de Trump

Foto: RT –  Por Eduardo Ibarra Aguirre — Donald John Trump participó por primera vez como orador en la Asamblea General de la ONU. Lo hizo como en los peores tiempos de la Guerra  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On martes, septiembre 19th, 2017

Trump amenaza en la ONU con “destruir completamente Corea del Norte”

“El ‘Hombre Cohete’ está en una misión suicida para sí mismo y para su régimen”, ha dicho el presidente de EEUU sobre Kim Jong-Un- Por Laura Riestra — Era su debut ante la Asamblea  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On martes, septiembre 19th, 2017

Irán advierte las consecuencias de quebrarse acuerdo nuclear

El presidente iraní, Hasan Rohani, advirtió de las consecuencias que tendría una presunta rotura del pacto nuclear sellado entre Irán y el Grupo 5+1, en declaraciones a la televisora estadounidense CNN y  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On domingo, septiembre 17th, 2017

Republicans’, Democrats’ Views of Media Accuracy Diverge

  by Andrew Dugan and Zac Auter STORY HIGHLIGHTS 14% of Republicans believe news media get the facts straight 62% of Democrats agree College-educated are most likely to find news media credible WASHINGTON,  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On sábado, septiembre 16th, 2017

Alemania y Estados Unidos en la era Trump

Por María Paz López Las relaciones entre Alemania y Estados Unidos no viven su mejor momento. Atraviesan, quizá, el periodo más tenso desde la posguerra. Significativa de ese desencuentro es la escalada  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On sábado, septiembre 16th, 2017

President Trump’s Corporate Government

  by Robert Weissman, President, Public Citizen   We’re – well over – 100 days into Corporate Government. While giant corporations have for decades and on a bipartisan basis exerted far  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On sábado, agosto 19th, 2017

America’s Chauvinist-in-Chief: The True Face of Donald Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump is a racist and a hate preacher. It’s time to stop trivializing the immense damage he is causing. A DER SPIEGEL Editorial by Klaus Brinkbäumer – U.S. President Donald  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On viernes, agosto 18th, 2017

Trump’s Civil War

By Robert Reich – Trump’s unwillingness to denounce the white supremacists who came to Charlottesville last weekend bent on violence has been part of his political strategy from the start. Remember, weeks  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On miércoles, julio 19th, 2017

Estados Unidos rebaja las críticas al proteccionismo chino

Economy –  Wilbur Ross El secretario de Comercio estadounidense Wilbur Ross recalcó en la cumbre de negocios con China la buena sintonía entre presidentes y aseguró que el objetivo es “resolver asuntos  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On lunes, julio 17th, 2017

The Alt-Right Movement Behind Trump’s Presidency

Hipster Extremists:  They helped him get elected, and now the alt-right movement is flourishing under Donald Trump’s presidency. Their recipe: racism, Islamophobia, sexism and chauvinism packaged in a hypocritical  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On domingo, julio 9th, 2017

Trump-Putin ‘chemistry’ fizzles in Hamburg

  By ANDREW RETTMAN – The “chemistry” between America’s Donald Trump and Russia’s Vladimir Putin, as well as violent street protests, stole the headlines of a G20 summit designed to forge agreement  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On viernes, junio 30th, 2017

China Tells Trump to Go to Hell

 Fiorenzo Arcadi  –   One thing about China is that they believe a distracted President has no power. Donald Trump decided to welcome Xi Jinping to his opulent estate in Mar-a-Lago of Palm  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On martes, junio 27th, 2017

Healthcare bill would cut insurance for 22 million Americans

Republicans’ draft bill improves slightly on projections over next decade compared to similar legislation passed by House counterparts Senate healthcare bill would cut insurance for 22 million Americans, CBO says Ben  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On jueves, junio 22nd, 2017

Dems point fingers after crushing loss

© Keren Carrion MIKE LILLIS – The Democrats’ defeat in Georgia spurred a round of bloodletting on Wednesday as liberal activists bashed their party, frustrated lawmakers lashed out at  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On lunes, mayo 29th, 2017

Trump’s Travails US President Can’t Escape Troubles on the Road

Mired in a web of scandal and lies back home, Donald Trump embarked on his first international trip this week to the Middle East and Europe. It was seen by the administration as a possible new beginning. But it  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On viernes, mayo 12th, 2017

Mayo 13 en la Historia

Pope John Paul II shot; English colonists arrive at what becomes Jamestown; Winston Churchill gives his first speech as British prime minister; The U.S. declares war on Mexico; Singer Stevie Wonder born. Hoy en  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On domingo, abril 30th, 2017


Los primeros 100 días de Trump en la Casa Blanca: ser presidente era esto Laura Riestra – Ni muro con México, ni fulminar la reforma sanitaria de Barack Obama, ni centrarse sólo en lo que  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On domingo, abril 9th, 2017

The Amerikan-Democracy Heritage

A Government of the rich & famous, run by nepotistic principles, in which power rests with a small number of people for the benefit of a plutocratic oligarchy ruled by a bully inclined to distort reality to  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On viernes, marzo 31st, 2017

EU Seeks Assurances From Trump Administration Over Data Privacy Agreement

– Photo: National Security Agency HQ (NSA) – Fort Meade, Maryland – The European Union’s commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, Vera Jourova, has flown to Washington  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On sábado, marzo 25th, 2017

EEUU y su redespliegue económico

 Oscar Ugarteche, Armando Negrete –   Durante sus primeros 60 días, Trump ha impulsado medidas comerciales proteccionistas y reorganizado la proyección de EEUU en el mundo.  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On lunes, marzo 13th, 2017


TYLER DURDEN –  Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, has confirmed that it hired the consultancy of Tony Podesta, the elder brother of John Podesta who chaired Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, for  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On lunes, marzo 13th, 2017

The Four Pillars of the Republican Party

The Democratic party is nothing but a farce of an opposition now. There are three pillars to the modern Republican party, four if you count the Democratic party.   BY IBBLE BLIBBLE Pillar 1 – This includes  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On viernes, marzo 10th, 2017

Hate in the USA: Racist, anti-Muslim and homophobic groups on the rise in America

2016 saw a rise in the number of hate groups across the US, with anti-Muslim groups nearly trebling in size. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, there are 917 hate groups in the country. That figure includes  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On viernes, marzo 10th, 2017

How To Stop Trump: Bernie Sanders Is Helping Liberals Take Over Conservative States

Bernie Sanders’ Battle Against Trump   BY CHRIS RIOTTA – The liberal senator will stop at nothing to block Trump from the presidency in 2020. Bernie Sanders Battles Big Business Trump Impeachment  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On martes, marzo 7th, 2017

World Power, World Policy, and the United States in 1917

By T. Hunt Tooley – In the early sixties, German historian Fritz Fischer famously raised an intense historiographical controversy by asserting, in his book Griff nach der Weltmacht (Bid for World Power),  ...→

Peter Ryan
By (Media - Bambinoides) On jueves, marzo 2nd, 2017

Trump’s Interests vs. America’s

Trump Tower Penthouse Edition A consultant whose firm helps businesses curry favor with the Chinese government has purchased a unit in the president’s New York building.   By Jeremy Venook –   With  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On miércoles, marzo 1st, 2017

On Military and Spending, It’s Trump Versus Trump

  By Ron Paul It can be a challenge to follow the pronouncements of President Trump, as he often seems to change his position on any number of items from week to week, or from day to day, or even from minute  ...→

By Jose Pepe Orraca On viernes, febrero 24th, 2017

Quinta Razón de Fundamento: Por Qué Puerto Rico Nunca Va a Ser Estado

     Nuestros políticos hacen las cosas en teoría. En abstracto. Construyen castillos o trenes en el aire que son insostenibles cuando los cimientos tienen que ser la realidad. Promueven el empresarismo  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On martes, febrero 21st, 2017

Britain Members of Parliament (MPs) pour scorn on ‘racist and sexist’ Donald Trump in state visit debate

Three-hour debate on whether invitation to US president should be revoked comes after 1.8 million people sign petition   By Anushka Asthana – British MPs lined up on Monday to  ...→

By Jose Pepe Orraca On lunes, febrero 20th, 2017

Cuarta Razón de Fundamento: Por Qué Puerto Rico Nunca Va a Ser Estado

Pepe Orraca piensa que…             Todas las propuestas estadistas que nos lanzan sólo llegan hasta la primera base. Ninguna llega hasta ‘home’. Nunca, nadie, nos ha explicado que viene  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On sábado, febrero 18th, 2017

Febrero 19 en la historia:

F.D. Roosevelt gives the U.S. Military the authority to relocate and detain Japanese-Americans by signing Executive Order 9066; USA calls situation in El Salvador a communist plot; Patrice Lumumba rally clashes  ...→

By Jose Pepe Orraca On martes, febrero 14th, 2017

Primera Razón de Fundamento: Por Qué Puerto Rico Nunca Va a Ser Estado

Pepe Orraca piensa que…             Los proponentes de la estadidad para Puerto Rico claman a viva voz que la estadidad está a cuestión de otro plebiscito. Esta vez el quinto. Pero el discurso  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On viernes, febrero 10th, 2017

El ‘divide y vencerás’ de Trump crea un difícil inicio en su trato con la UE

JORGE VALERO (BRUSELAS) – La Alta Representante para la Política Exterior de la UE, Federica Mogherini, arranca hoy en Washington la operación europea para intentar reparar la relación transatlántica.  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On domingo, febrero 5th, 2017

Europe Must Defend Itself Against A Dangerous President

The United States president is becoming a danger to the world. It is time for Germany and Europe to prepare their political and economic defenses. A DER SPIEGEL Editorial By Klaus Brinkbäumer – Is  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On viernes, febrero 3rd, 2017

US increased weapons sales in 2015 despite slight drop in global arms trade

Not only did the US rank first in new arms orders, it also ranked first in the value of all arms deliveries worldwide at $17bn.  Developing nations were once again the largest buyers of weapons as total sales  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On sábado, enero 21st, 2017

Donald Trump llega a la Presidencia de EEUU

  Después de una larga campaña, inaugurada a mediados de 2015, y superando los obstáculos que parecían invencibles, el magnate de las finanzas especulativas de Manhattan, Donad J. Trump,  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On viernes, enero 20th, 2017

Trump Cabinet Update: How Many Latinos Are Part Of Trump’s Team? Zero

First time since 1988 –  BY MARY PASCALINE | International Business Times –  President-Elect Donald Trump’s First Cabinet Picks Are Controversial President-elect Donald  ...→

By Antonio-Bambino Maldonado-Boschetti On miércoles, enero 18th, 2017

El muro de Trump

Ya es casi una década en la que vivimos una globalización desenfrenada totalmente en manos de las castas compuestas por financieros sin patria. La globalización de per se no es negativa, sí lo es la globalización  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On sábado, enero 14th, 2017

Putin, Trump y la izquierda aislacionista

Por  Robert Kuttner – Una de las peculiaridades del asunto Trump-Putin-CIA es que hay personalidades de izquierda que no se diferencian mucho de Donald Trump. Tal es así que existe cierta simpatía por  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On jueves, enero 12th, 2017

Bienvenidos a la era Trump (y vayan acostumbrándose a sus formas)

  La primera rueda de prensa del presidente electo de EEUU constata que Trump sigue siendo Trump… Con un estilo prepotente, defiende sus ideas más polémicas… “Voy a ser el mayor productor  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On viernes, diciembre 30th, 2016

The Year (2016) in Review: The USA’s Inner World

This is the time to recap the year that was. There are a number of ways to do it, many of which are interesting. You can look at a year in terms of notable deaths, viral events, political rises and falls… But  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On martes, diciembre 20th, 2016

Will A Stronger Dollar Cause a Trade War with Europe?

Markets have not been slow to see through the hollowness of the European Central Bank’s announced (on December 8) curtailment of the pace of money printing planned for April next year. The ECB plans to reduce  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On lunes, diciembre 19th, 2016

Montesquieu, Donald Trump y el Tribunal Supremo de los Estados Unidos

Seguro que están acostumbrados a escuchar que uno de los mayores problemas de este país es la gran politización de la justicia. Les habrán repetido en varias ocasiones que ya no existe una auténtica separación  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On viernes, diciembre 16th, 2016

Pax Trumpiana: America’s allies are preparing for a bumpy ride

Donald Trump’s victory has shaken countries that depend on America for security and prosperity SURPRISED and shaken by Donald Trump’s victory, America’s allies are hoping for the best while desperately  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On viernes, diciembre 16th, 2016

The 4 Syndromes of Passivity in the Face of Pending Tyranny

As the era of Trump approaches, some of you are succumbing to the follow four syndromes: 1. Normalizer Syndrome. You want to believe Trump will be just another president – more conservative and pompous than  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On viernes, diciembre 16th, 2016

Superan a China como el mayor acreedor de EE.UU.

Las reservas extranjeras de China, el país con mayores reservas del mundo, disminuyeron por quinto mes consecutivo en noviembre. Japón superó a China en octubre como principal poseedor de bonos del Tesoro  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On jueves, diciembre 15th, 2016

Trump regala il governo al clan Goldman Sachs E archivia subito la “guerra all’establishment”

– Non solo Mnuchin ai vertici del Tesoro: Cohn, ceo della banca, pianificherà la politica economica della Casa Bianca. Pochi mesi fa, da candidato repubblicano, accusava l’istituto di derubare la ‘working  ...→

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