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TYLER DURDEN –  Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, has confirmed that it hired the consultancy of Tony Podesta, the elder brother of John Podesta who chaired Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, for  ...→

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Febrero 6 en la historia:

Britain’s King George VI dies; Elizabeth becomes queen; United players killed in air disaster; Hillary Clinton runs for the U.S. Senate; President Ronald Reagan born; baseball legend Babe Ruth and reggae  ...→

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Hillary Go Home and stay put!

-Caricaturas e Imágenes del Mundo- Más imágenes & caricaturas Source: image –  WIKI | Google |      ...→

By Antonio-Bambino Maldonado-Boschetti On martes, noviembre 8th, 2016


Ante millones de ojos abiertos, –  y otros tanto más cerradísimos, los electores norteamericanos deciden cuál de sus dos candidatos es el “menos malo” capaz de presidir el país, quien decidirá cuáles,  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On sábado, noviembre 5th, 2016

Clinton Versus Trump The Script of a Real-Life Tragedy

Trump versus Clinton will go down in American history as the dirtiest campaign of all time. It seemed at times as though script writers had let their imaginations run wild. But the consequences for democracy in  ...→

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Will Hillary Clinton Get America Back on Track?

The parallels are striking. In the last decades of the nineteenth century – the so-called “Gilded Age”— America experienced inequality on a scale it had never before seen, combining wild opulence and searing  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On viernes, noviembre 4th, 2016

Clinton y Trump queman sus últimos cartuchos con los sondeos al rojo vivo

Donald Trump y Hillary Clinton ponen toda la carne en el asador a cuatro días de la cita con las urnas. El candidato republicano ha intentado recuperar el voto femenino y acercarse a las minorías con el testimonio  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On miércoles, octubre 19th, 2016

Hillary Clinton, Paul Ryan, and the Crisis of American Capitalism

Hillary Clinton won’t be the only winner when Donald Trump and his fellow haters are defeated on Election Day (as looks increasingly likely). Another will be Paul Ryan, who will rule the Republican roost. Democrats  ...→

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Por primera vez en sus más de 100 años de historia, la influyente revista ‘Vogue’ apoya a un candidato a la presidencia de Estados Unidos Después de más de un siglo a sus espaldas y con un historial  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On sábado, octubre 15th, 2016

Trump destruye su marca

  Con toda probabilidad, Donald Trump entró a la carrera presidencial como un truco publicitario. Donald Trump, un narcisista de clase mundial sin ningún interés más allá de la autopromoción y el dinero,  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On domingo, octubre 9th, 2016

Hillary Clinton, In Paid Speeches To Wall Street, Promoted Commission That Pushed Social Security Cuts

During the Democratic presidential primary, Hillary Clinton was criticized for refusing to release the transcripts of paid speeches she gave after she ended her term as Secretary of State. Now,  just a month before  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On jueves, septiembre 29th, 2016

The Truth Fairy and The Final Judgement

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By Antonio-Bambino Maldonado-Boschetti On viernes, septiembre 23rd, 2016

Las Verdades que Duelen

-Caricaturas e Imágenes del Mundo- El ticket Hillary-Trump o Trump-Hillary es intercambiable con el mismo resultado. Los dos son de un pájaro las dos alas y no importa quien obtenga el título de presidente la  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On viernes, septiembre 9th, 2016

How white racism and a complicit media are keeping Trump close in the polls — and why it won’t be enough

Trump’s candidacy is an ugly joke — but insidious racism and media idiocy have kept him within striking distance Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is a former United States senator and  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On miércoles, septiembre 7th, 2016

Hillary “acatarrá” —

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By (Media - Bambinoides) On domingo, agosto 28th, 2016

Clinton Hispanic Advantage Smaller Among U.S.-Born Hispanics

Her favorability is twice as high among foreign-born Hispanics 72% of foreign-born Hispanics say they are not registered to vote Hispanics less likely to be registered than blacks, whites Though U.S. Hispanics  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On jueves, agosto 11th, 2016

Que Clinton no se pegue un trompazo

Sorprende y entristece, pero las cosas son así: en pleno siglo XXI, el camino para que en EEUU gobierne una presidenta está sembrado de minas. Hace un montón de años, con motivo de unos Juegos Olímpicos  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On domingo, julio 24th, 2016

Sanders calls on Dem party boss to step down following email leaks

    Sen. Bernie Sanders featured heavily in the hacked Democratic National Committee emails released by WikiLeaks Friday. Bernie Sanders Sunday called on Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On domingo, julio 24th, 2016

Does Hillary Get It?

Does Hillary Clinton understand that the biggest divide in American politics is no longer between the right and the left, but between the anti-establishment and the establishment? I worry she doesn’t – at  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On sábado, julio 23rd, 2016

Hillary Clinton chooses centrist former governor Tim Kaine as her running mate

It’s official: The moderate Virginia Senator joins Hillary Clinton’s ticket. Hillary Clinton named Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as her vice presidential running mate Friday, adding a centrist former governor  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On domingo, julio 17th, 2016

Trustworthy Hillary

Hillary Clinton’s 6-point lead over Donald Trump in last month’s CBS News poll has now evaporated. As of mid-July (even before Trump enjoys a predictable post-convention bump in the polls) she is tied with him.  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On viernes, julio 15th, 2016

Hillary Clinton y su diplomacia hipócrita en América Latina

Cuando era secretaria de Estado norteamericana, las posturas de Hillary Clinton hacia los países de Latinoamérica generaron opiniones contrapuestas. ¿Qué legado dejó en Honduras, Venezuela y otros países? Este  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On miércoles, junio 29th, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Easy Choices

Few books have as misleading a title as Hard Choices. For Hillary Clinton, as this tedious memoir of her years as Secretary of State makes evident, there are no hard choices. The Solutions to all political and  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On miércoles, junio 22nd, 2016

Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, mocks and criticized Donald J. Trump’s plans for the economy. (Full Speech)

Hillary Clinton spoke Tuesday at the Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center in Columbus, Ohio. Credit Richard Perry/The New York Times Full Speech: Hillary Clinton Rally in Columbus, Ohio (June 21, 2016) Economic  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On miércoles, junio 15th, 2016

Bernie Sanders is staying in the Democratic presidential race after meeting with rival Hillary Clinton.

Sanders and Clinton met at the Capital Hilton just blocks from the White House to plot a way forward after the Democratic primary season came to a close on Tuesday. Neither took questions from press after the meeting.  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On lunes, junio 13th, 2016

Bernie Sanders Lays Out His Campaign’s Final Days

Bernie Sanders says he’s ready to defeat Donald Trump. A meeting with Clinton is coming this week.  Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said he will be meeting with Hillary Clinton on Tuesday evening, in what  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On domingo, junio 5th, 2016

Clinton Might Not Be the Nominee

Senator Sanders tends to underperform in pre-election surveys and over-perform on primary and caucus days, thanks to the participation of new registrants and young voters. by Douglas E. Schoen | -WSJ There is  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On martes, mayo 31st, 2016

Trump and Hillary Don’t Know How to Fix the Economy

Recently, Hillary Clinton was taped ridiculing Donald Trump for lacking a detailed plan for the American economy. The message, so it goes, is that Trump is not suited for the presidency because he doesn’t have  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On lunes, mayo 30th, 2016

Feel the Hate

Many Bernie Sanders activists and supporters are understandably disgusted by the contemptuous mistreatment they and their candidate have received from the corporate-Clintonite Democratic Party and its numerous  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On sábado, mayo 28th, 2016

Advice for Divided Democrats

  With the Democratic primaries grinding to a bitter end, I have suggestions for both Clinton and Sanders supporters that neither will like. First, my advice to Clinton supporters: Don’t try to drum Bernie  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On jueves, abril 14th, 2016

Sanders and Clinton tied in new national poll

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are tied nationally in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, according to a new national Reuters/Ipsos poll released Tuesday afternoon. Support for the two Democratic  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On miércoles, abril 13th, 2016

A New Divide Emerges Between Clinton And Sanders

The presidential candidates are occupying differing roles in a dispute over labor policy. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)   At issue is a proposed executive order that would give preference for government contracts  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On viernes, abril 8th, 2016

Hillary Clinton: El niño en el vientre no tiene derechos

Hillary Clinton extrema postura pro aborto: El niño en el vientre no tiene derechos Hillary Clinton, precandidata presidencial del Partido Demócrata de Estados Unidos y ex Secretaria de Estado de Barack  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On sábado, febrero 6th, 2016

Febrero 06 en la historia: Hillary Clinton; King George VI; Ronald Reagan; Babe Ruth; Bob Marley

 Today in History, Hoy en la Historia Hillary Clinton runs for the U.S. Senate; Britain’s King George VI dies;  President Ronald Reagan, baseball legend Babe Ruth and reggae superstar Bob Marley born. Queen  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On jueves, febrero 4th, 2016

Hillary’s ‘She’s a Liar’ Problem

Bernie’s strength could open a rift in the party hard to close by November. Hillary Clinton’s wispy Iowa lead may just barely prevent a Democratic establishment panic. After all, plenty of favorable terrain  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On jueves, febrero 4th, 2016

It Takes a Movement

“I wish that we could elect a Democratic president who could wave a magic wand and say, ‘We shall do this, and we shall do that,’” Clinton said recently in response to Bernie Sanders’s proposals.  “That  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On miércoles, enero 27th, 2016

The Volcanic Core Fueling the 2016 U.S. Election

Opinion: The authror ROBERT B. REICH. By Robert Reich Not a day passes that I don’t get a call from the media asking me to compare Bernie Sanders’s and Hillary Clinton’s tax plans, or bank plans, or health-care  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On miércoles, enero 27th, 2016

Noam Chomsky’s right about Hillary Clinton – but he’s wrong that Bernie can’t win

Chomsky concedes that Sanders is a better candidate than Hillary, but says the system is stacked against him Noam Chomsky Noam Chomsky is famously cynical about America’s political process. The renowned linguist  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On sábado, octubre 17th, 2015

¿Guerra secreta entre Casa Blanca y FBI?

Guerra entre la Casa Blanca y el FBI: Los federales pusieron el grito en el cielo al considerar que el presidente Barack Obama influyó en el caso de los correos electrónicos que tiene a Hillary Clinton como principal  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On domingo, mayo 10th, 2015


Pobre Democracia USA. Pobre APARENTE democracia con la que se llenan la boca. En verdad es democracia enferma de nepotismo, de clanes familiares e intereses, conflictos de intereses entre ricos y pobres; entre grandes  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On domingo, abril 12th, 2015

The Defining Moment, and Hillary Rodham Clinton

It’s a paradox. Almost all the economic gains are still going to the top, leaving America’s vast middle class with stagnant wages and little or no job security. Two-thirds of Americans are working paycheck  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On martes, junio 24th, 2014

Democracia USA 2016: “El Clan de los Clinton vs. el Clan de los Bush”

Hillary Clinton Jeb Bush El regreso de los clanes: Los Bush y los Clinton quieren la Casa Blanca — Hillary es la favorita de los demócratas y el hermano de George W. se perfila entre los republicanos.  ...→