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By Bambinoides - Media On Viernes, Marzo 31st, 2017

EU Seeks Assurances From Trump Administration Over Data Privacy Agreement

– Photo: National Security Agency HQ (NSA) – Fort Meade, Maryland – The European Union’s commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, Vera Jourova, has flown to Washington  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Martes, Febrero 7th, 2017

European growth and renewal: The path from crisis to crisis

Under EU bureaucrats and autocrat’s eternal stratagems   . -Caricaturas e Imágenes del Mundo- Más imágenes & caricaturas Source: image –  WIKI | Google |    ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Jueves, Febrero 2nd, 2017

Rome tells Brussels it will make budget correction

by Marco Rogari and Gianni Trovati PDF Economy Minister Padoan’s letter to the UE Italy’s government said on Wednesday it will adjust its 2017 budget targets to reduce its deficit as requested  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Viernes, Enero 27th, 2017

Creditors put more pressure on Greece

The EU and the IMF “have encouraged” Greece to “accelerate the work”, Eurogroup president Jeroen Dijsselbloem said. (Photo: Council of the EU) By ERIC MAURICE   Two years after a crisis  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Jueves, Diciembre 15th, 2016


Última cumbre europea del año. Los jefes de Estado y de Gobierno se han reunido este jueves en Bruselas con una agenda bastante cargada de temas como Siria. De esta cuestión ha hablado el presidente francés  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Martes, Diciembre 6th, 2016

Brexit deal must be done by October 2018, says EU negotiator

Michel Barnier. Barnier says he can’t talk about a transitional period until he knows what the UK wants (Photo: European Commission) “Keep calm and negotiate,” the European Brexit negotiator Michel  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Lunes, Octubre 3rd, 2016

Renzi on Brexit and the impossibility for British people to have a deal that gives more rights than those outside the EU. / BBC Analysis [Video]

Italian PM Matteo Renzi warns UK over EU rights – ‘British people made bad decision on EU’ – Italy’s PM, Matteo Renzi, says it will be “impossible” for Brexit talks to provide a deal that  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Jueves, Julio 14th, 2016

A New Set of Crises for the EU

European monetary union and free movement of peoples from impoverished East to the rich West will likely be twins in death as they were at birth. It has been a slow but steadfast journey from the Paris-Berlin accords  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Sábado, Julio 2nd, 2016

Brexit Aftershocks: An Inside Look at the EU’s Raging Power Struggle

For the last supper, quail salad is served. It’s 7:30 on Tuesday evening, and the leaders of 27 European Union countries — without British Prime Minister David Cameron — are scheduled to meet the  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Jueves, Junio 30th, 2016

Eurocrats new dilemma: Rule out any treaty change to reform, or BREXIT was right and justified…

Leaders rule out treaty change to reform EU EU leaders will meet in Bratislava in September to rethink the future on the EU in the face of Britain’s exit from the bloc and amid growing populism that threatens  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Domingo, Junio 26th, 2016

Europe Is Dead Long Live Europe? – Europe now face years of uncertainty

The people of the UK have voted to leave the European Union. Both Britain and the rest of Europe now face years of uncertainty. The tough negotiations ahead pose serious questions about the EU’s future.  Three  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Sábado, Junio 25th, 2016


      David Cameron Britain’s final wickedness was to take it easy. It decided to wait until October to discuss its divorce from the European Union. It may be taking it easy, but markets  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Jueves, Junio 23rd, 2016

BREXIT Referendum: The Great Debate [Full Video]

If you read the presstitute media, Brexit—the referendum tomorrow on the UK’s exit from the EU— is about racism. According to the story line, angry rightwing racists of violent inclinations want to leave  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Jueves, Junio 23rd, 2016

Brexit: What Is It About?

The EU serves Washington and the One Percent. It serves no one else. By Paul Craig Roberts “Information Clearing House” – If you read the presstitute media, Brexit—the referendum on the UK’s exit from  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Lunes, Abril 4th, 2016

The European Union Is Anti-European

Opinion:    What is Europe? It seems that no rigorous answer can be provided. Europe is not exactly a continent. It is not a political entity. It is not a united people. The best definition, in fact, may  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Jueves, Marzo 17th, 2016


The date is set. On June 23, the citizens of the UK will vote to decide whether or not their country will remain in the European Union. Over the years there have been growing concerns over the country’s membership  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Viernes, Enero 29th, 2016

Varoufakis: ‘God and His Angels Could Not Fix Greece’ Under This Agreement [Vídeo]

Former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis discusses his tenure with the Greek government. He speaks on “Bloomberg ‹GO›.” var videoPage; videoPage  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Miércoles, Enero 27th, 2016

Italy and EU reach accord on “bad bank”

After five hours of exhausting negotiations in Brussels, Economy Minister Pier Carlo Padoan and Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager last night reached a long-awaited agreement to clean the balance sheets  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Lunes, Enero 25th, 2016

Izquierdas proponen en París un ‘Plan B’ para una nueva Europa

Representantes de la izquierda progresista europea se han reunido en París, capital francesa, para proponer un ‘Plan B’ para una Europa más solidaria y respetuosa de la democracia. Una Europa a la deriva  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Domingo, Enero 24th, 2016

Hollywood Studios Fight Back as European Union Attacks Content Curbs

20th Century Fox, Sky and others try to sway EU against fines EU holds three-day Brussels antitrust hearing on pay-TV case Hollywood studios including 20th Century Fox as well as pay-TV giant Sky Plc are seeking  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Domingo, Enero 17th, 2016

After Juncker rebuke, sharp tensions with EU burst out in the open

These are stormy days for Rome-Brussels relations. The head of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, took the opportunity at a press conference yesterday in Brussels to criticize Italian Prime Minister Matteo  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Viernes, Enero 15th, 2016

‘The European Union is like Star Wars’ Old Republic’

The EU does not yet have its Darth Vader, but political scientist Csaba Toth says the EU does resemble the Old Republic, which suffered a power grab by Vader’s master Palpatine  Not many people would associate  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Jueves, Enero 7th, 2016

Dijsselbloem: flessibilità? Italia non esageri

The President of the Eurogroup Jeroen Dijsselbloem. ANSA/EPA Il presidente dell’Eurogruppo avverte: è un margine che si può usare solo una volta “L’Italia ha chiesto varie flessibilità, per  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Miércoles, Diciembre 16th, 2015

Reformas que propone Reino Unido a la UE determinarán resultado referendo: encuesta

El apoyo británico para permanecer en la Unión Europea caerá significativamente si el primer ministro, David Cameron, no logra garantías para países no pertenecientes a la zona euro y acota las prestaciones  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Jueves, Diciembre 3rd, 2015

Europe’s Migration Crisis

Migrants and refugees streaming into Europe from Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia have presented European leaders and policymakers with their greatest challenge since the debt crisis. The International  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Jueves, Diciembre 3rd, 2015

EU internal borders may be reimposed for two years

A makeshift migrant camp in front of the Keleti railway station in Budapest. (Photo: Leonhard Foeger/Reuters) A proposal is being floated that would allow the reintroduction of internal borders in the Schengen free  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Viernes, Noviembre 27th, 2015

“Rome has made too many requests for budget flexibility,” says Eurogroup president Dijsselbloem

Jeroen Dijsselbloem From January 1, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the 49-year-old Dutch Finance Minister, will be not only be the president of the Eurogroup, but also President of the Ecofin after the Netherlands assumes  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Jueves, Noviembre 26th, 2015

The EU’s crisis within a crisis

Opinion:  Since 2010 Greece had largely been at the epicenter of attention (Photo: YoungJ523)  –  With Europe currently absorbed by the refugee crisis and, after the Paris attacks, its security implications,  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Miércoles, Noviembre 11th, 2015


SI È APERTO IL VERTICE A LA VALLETTA  Si è aperto il vertice tra Unione Europea e paesi africani a Malta. Due giorni di confronto sul tema dell’immigrazione tra oltre 60 rappresentanti di Stati europei  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Miércoles, Noviembre 11th, 2015

Germany makes U-turn on Syria refugees

News from interior ministry that those fleeing civil war will not be given refugee status was promptly disputed by Merkel’s junior coalition partner Germany announced it is again applying Dublin rules on  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Martes, Octubre 27th, 2015

Brussels: The city that just doesn’t give a damn

OPINION: It is 15 October and you are a junior diplomat attending an EU summit for the first time. You arrive at the Gare du Midi and try to hail an Uber taxi, as you do in most other cities. A message pops up informing  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Domingo, Octubre 25th, 2015

China urges Britain to stay inside EU

The two leaders drank beer in a pub near Cameron’s Chequers country house and ate fish and chips. (Photo: Chinese leader Xi Jinping has urged the UK not to leave the EU in a rare  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Sábado, Octubre 17th, 2015

“Membership negotiations” between the United Kingdom and the European Union

Cameron to set out EU reforms in November UK prime minister David Cameron said on Thursday (15 October) that he will outline the changes he wants to see in the UK’s relations with the EU in early November,  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Martes, Octubre 6th, 2015

Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal will ease the way for EU-USA accord, says Italian vice-minister

“This is not good news. This is excellent news. The impact will be absolutely positive. The creation of the free trade area in the Pacific can only facilitate the negotiations between the United States and the  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Martes, Septiembre 22nd, 2015

Mother Angela: Merkel’s Refugee Policy Divides Europe

Chancellor Angela Merkel has shown a soft side in the refugee crisis. Germans long knew their chancellor as a rational, deliberate decision maker. But in the refugee crisis, a new Merkel has emerged, driven by  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Lunes, Septiembre 21st, 2015



By Bambinoides - Media On Jueves, Septiembre 10th, 2015

Europe’s looming dichotomy

OPINION: There is something rotten in Central Europe. This uncomfortable truth surfaced most recently after the latest meeting of the Visegrad Group last Friday (4 September). The regional body has always been better  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Jueves, Septiembre 3rd, 2015

Grecia, una víctima más de la “dictadura financiera”

Para Marc Chesney, es imprescindible volver a poner el sector financiero al servicio de la economía. Foto: ( – La deuda asfixia a Grecia, como a muchos otros países, incluso los más ricos.  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Lunes, Agosto 31st, 2015

Google says EU antitrust charges are ‘wrong’

Google says EU allegations its service are anti-competitive are incorrect (Photo: OZinOH) The European Commission’s allegations that American internet company Google has abused its dominant market position  ...→

By Bambinoides - Media On Lunes, Agosto 31st, 2015

Crisis de inmigrantes sin precedentes obliga a la Unión Europea a buscar respuestas

(Photo: Ministros de la Unión Europea fueron convocados el domingo a una reunión en dos semanas para buscar soluciones urgentes a una crisis de inmigración sin precedentes en la historia del bloque,  ...→

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