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By (Media - Bambinoides) On Martes, Mayo 16th, 2017

China diseña la nueva Ruta de la Seda

  China celebra el primer Foro de la Nueva Ruta de la Seda, un ambicioso plan internacional de inversiones, especialmente en infraestructuras, con el que el presidente Xi Jinping quiere pasar a la Historia. El  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Viernes, Marzo 24th, 2017

Warner Bros. Inaugurates Beijing Office

  Patrick Frater – Asia Bureau Chief Kevin Tsujihara, Warner Bros. chairman and CEO, was on hand Wednesday night in Beijing to officiate at the official opening of the studio’s new office  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Jueves, Febrero 16th, 2017

Febrero 17 en la historia:

Madame Butterfly premieres; China invades Vietnam; Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer gets life in prison; House lawmakers pick a president; Garry Kasparov beats IBM’s Deep Blue at chess; NBA star Michael Jordan  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Lunes, Diciembre 19th, 2016

Diciembre 19 en la historia: Britain signs over Hong Kong to China; President Bill Clinton impeached; General George Washington opens camp at Valley Forge; Charles Dickens’ novel “A Christmas Carol” is first published; Apollo 17 splashes down in the Pacific Ocean; ‘The Music Man’ opens on Broadway.

Today in History, Hoy en la Historia 1984: Britain signs over Hong Kong to China Mrs Thatcher and Zhao Ziyang formally agree the handover The British colony of Hong Kong is to be returned to China in 1997  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Viernes, Diciembre 16th, 2016

Superan a China como el mayor acreedor de EE.UU.

Las reservas extranjeras de China, el país con mayores reservas del mundo, disminuyeron por quinto mes consecutivo en noviembre. Japón superó a China en octubre como principal poseedor de bonos del Tesoro  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Viernes, Noviembre 18th, 2016

La cadena industrial de electrónicos en Asia, un escollo en el camino de Trump

La sofisticada cadena de suministro de productos electrónicos de Asia y la masiva concentración de mano de obra en la región son dos obstáculos que se interponen en el camino de la promesa del presidente electo  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Sábado, Octubre 1st, 2016

Octubre 01 en la historia: Mao Zedong proclaims Communist China; Mississippi race riots over first black student; Henry Ford’s Model T car hits the market; Game One of first-ever World Series takes place; Yosemite National Park established; Johnny Carson begins his ‘Tonight Show’ run; Walt Disney World opens.

Today in History, Hoy en la Historia BBC’s In Context:  1962: Mississippi race riots over first black student Chief U.S. Marshal James McShane (left) and Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights,  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Domingo, Septiembre 25th, 2016

Education is China’s secret weapon for tech dominance

  37 percent of edtech funding deals, representing $1.07 billion, were made in China-based edtech companies in 2015, up from 18 percentin 2014. These are companies teaching software development and  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Martes, Septiembre 6th, 2016

El G20 Re-Calienta la Promesa de Impulsar el Crecimiento Global

El G20 cierra la cumbre de hangzhou con la promesa de impulsar el crecimiento global Los líderes del G20 han cerrado la cumbre de Hangzhou con una declaración conjunta en la que se comprometen a impulsar el  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Miércoles, Agosto 24th, 2016

China deal threatens only American military base in Africa

Over the course of a few decades, China has transformed itself from an impoverished backwater, and into a thriving economic powerhouse. And with that, the West has long feared that someday, China’s military reach  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Jueves, Julio 28th, 2016

Julio 28 en la historia: Outbreak of World War One; Perú Independence; 14th Amendment adopted; Troops disperse ‘Bonus Army’ marchers; A U.S. Army bomber crashes into the Empire State Building; Former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and author Beatrix Potter born.

Today in History, Hoy en la Historia 1821 San Martín proclama la Independencia del Perú José de San Martín, luego de lograr la libertad de Chile, llega al Perú en 1820 al mando de una expedición libertadora.  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Sábado, Julio 16th, 2016

China hace sentir su ambición en Hollywood con su billetera

La creciente ambición de las empresas chinas para ocupar un lugar en Hollywood ha abierto un nuevo capítulo con la propuesta de Dalian Wanda Group Co. para comprar una participación minoritaria en el tradicional  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Viernes, Julio 15th, 2016

Julio 15 en la historia: President Richard Nixon announces his breakthrough trip to China; Fashion designer Gianni Versace slain; Aerospace giant Boeing founded; Dutch painter Rembrandt born.

Today in History, Hoy en la Historia AP Video: var videoPage; videoPage = "12644"; function current_video_145983851070( video_id,d_title ){   ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Miércoles, Abril 20th, 2016

China and Hollywood: Will the love affair last?

Industry leaders discuss China-Hollywood ties during the Committee of 100 annual conference Saturday. From left: Donald Tang of Tang Media Partners, Ari Emanuel of WME IMG, Jack Gao of Wanda Cultural Industry  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Jueves, Marzo 17th, 2016

Warner Bros.’ Flagship Entertainment Unveils 12-Movie Slate for China

Kevin Tsujihara is an American businessman serving as chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Entertainment. He succeeded Barry Meyer as CEO on March 1, 2013. The slate features Chinese-language films from every genre,  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Lunes, Febrero 22nd, 2016

China’s Yuan Bears Predict More Trouble Ahead

Walker of Asianomics predicts U.S. recession, Treasury rally Raoul Pal sees `black swan’ risk of European bank failures   Before China’s devaluation in August roiled global markets and spurred  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Jueves, Enero 14th, 2016

EU Commission to “carefully assess” the impact of granting market economy status to China

  The granting of market economy status to China was the subject yesterday in Brussels of a first thorough discussion during the meeting of European commissioners.EU’s executive body said it intends to  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Martes, Enero 12th, 2016

Crecimiento del PIB de China en cuarto trimestre será el más débil desde 2009: sondeo

China está a punto de hacer público el dato de crecimiento económico del cuarto trimestre, que sería el más débil desde la crisis global financiera, añadiendo presión a las autoridades para que tomen medidas  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Miércoles, Octubre 28th, 2015

The road to WWIII: Beijing ‘not frightened to fight a war’ after US move

China lashed out at the United States for sending a warship near disputed South China Sea islets and reefs claimed by Beijing, while Washington promised to conduct more such patrol missions. Beijing’s foreign  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Martes, Octubre 27th, 2015

The road to WWIII: Open clash escalation – “everywhere” – of commercial, industrial, financial, and military interests.

US navy warship defies Beijing to sail past South China Sea islands Chinese foreign ministry says US has acted ‘illegally’ as destroyer USS Lassen comes within 12 nautical miles of Spratly archipelago China  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Domingo, Octubre 25th, 2015

China urges Britain to stay inside EU

The two leaders drank beer in a pub near Cameron’s Chequers country house and ate fish and chips. (Photo: Chinese leader Xi Jinping has urged the UK not to leave the EU in a rare  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Domingo, Octubre 25th, 2015

Oct 25 en la historia:

Pablo Picasso; Cuban missile crisis fuels Cold War clash at UN; China’s UN seat changes hands; ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ battle takes place; Author Geoffrey Chaucer dies; Golfer Payne Stewart  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Miércoles, Octubre 21st, 2015

Reino Unido da bienvenida al presidente chino y a sus inversiones

El presidente de China Xi Jinping inició una visita oficial al Reino Unido de 4 días en los que ambos países buscarán afianzar las buenas relaciones diplomáticas y comerciales. Londres, además, ha esperado  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Martes, Octubre 20th, 2015

TPP vs China on the 2D Chessboard – Asia-Pacific Perspective

James Corbett of and Broc West of bring you the latest news from the Asia-Pacific region. var videoPage; videoPage = "12644";   ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Jueves, Octubre 15th, 2015

WWII Escalation: Chinese military must be ready to counter US in South China Sea before “ceaseless provocations”

— Editorial in Global Times, which is close to “Communist rulers”, condemns Washington’s ‘ceaseless provocations and coercion’ —  Chinese dredging vessels in the waters around Mischief  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Lunes, Agosto 3rd, 2015

127 banqueros chinos encarcelados por corrupción en 12 meses

Un total de 127 ejecutivos del sector bancario de China fueron condenados por corrupción desde agosto pasado, informó el Diario del Pueblo chino citando el informe 21st Century Economic Report. La mitad de estos  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Martes, Julio 28th, 2015

Today in History for July 28 – Independencia del Perú; Terremoto masivo en China; 14th Amendment adopted; / Outbreak of World War One; Troops disperse ‘Bonus Army’ marchers; A U.S. Army bomber crashes into the Empire State Building; Former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and author Beatrix Potter born.

Today in History for July 28 – Independencia del Perú; Terremoto masivo en China; 14th Amendment adopted; / Outbreak of World War One; Troops disperse ‘Bonus Army’ marchers; A U.S. Army bomber  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Jueves, Junio 11th, 2015

“Obama Is Destroying Europe”, “Dragging It Into A Crusade Against Russia” Says Former French PM

While on the surface the European leaders of G-7 nations are all smiles in their photo-ops next to US president Barack Obama, there is an unmistakable tension and simmering resentment at the US for forcing Europe  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Jueves, Mayo 14th, 2015

Ex primer ministro de Australia: “Pronto habrá dos Asias”

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque China se está convirtiendo en la mayor potencia económica del mundo, pero Estados Unidos mantendrá su papel de mayor potencia militar. Como el continente asiático es el principal escenario  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Miércoles, Abril 8th, 2015

Irán es miembro fundador del Banco Asiático de Inversiones

Al menos 45 países han manifestado su intención de adherirse al nuevo Banco Asiático de Inversiones en Infraestructura (BAII) que impulsa China, una prueba de que un nuevo orden mundial es posible. Irán fue  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Lunes, Marzo 30th, 2015

Russia Joins Rush to Enroll in China-Led AIIB Investment Bank

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin (L) shakes hands with China’s President Xi Jinping as India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi (R) looks on during the VI BRICS Summit in Fortaleza, July 15, 2014.  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Lunes, Marzo 30th, 2015

Latin America, China and USA

The US-unleashed propaganda war against China has reached unprecedented level in Latin America. Americans use all means at their disposal for that purpose, including hundreds of TV channels, thousands of radio  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Miércoles, Marzo 18th, 2015

Europa busca redefinir las relaciones con América Latina ante el avance chino en la región

Fotografía general durante la inauguración de la Asamblea Euro-Latinoamericana (Eurolat) hoy, martes 17 de marzo de 2015, en Ciudad de Panamá (Panamá). EFE Diputados europeos y latinoamericanos, reunidos en  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Viernes, Marzo 13th, 2015

The “geo-financial” nightmares of Obama, Putin and Xi Jinping

Russia starts dumping US treasuries, China follows suit Just what is China buying with all these stealthy USD-denominated liquidations, and how much gold does the PBOC really have as of this moment. Back  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Miércoles, Febrero 25th, 2015

The world’s leading economy is on a roll

— China pivots everywhere The world’s leading economy is on a roll as it enters a new year in the Chinese zodiac. Welcome to the Year of the Sheep. Or Goat. Or Ram. Or, technically, the Green Wooden Sheep  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Jueves, Febrero 19th, 2015

El precio del petróleo: Un diagnóstico latinoamericano

El precio del petróleo: ¿es la China o la FED? El actual desempeño del mercado petrolero emite una clara señal: la dramática caída en el precio del hidrocarburo cercana al 60% no tiene como origen a factores  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Miércoles, Enero 14th, 2015

Argentina’s foreign reserves grow thanks to influx of Chinese funds Leer más: Argentina’s foreign reserves grow thanks to influx of Chinese funds

The Argentine Central Bank’s foreign-exchange reserves have risen by $162 million to $31.3 billion thanks to an influx of Chinese funds, Cabinet chief Jorge Capitanich said Wednesday. The activation of a new  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Viernes, Enero 9th, 2015

CELAC: China to invest $250 billion in Latin America to boost economy and prosperity

Leaders from Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, known as CELAC, gathered in Beijing for the first time for a two-day forum on Thursday. Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech at the  ...→

By (Media - Bambinoides) On Miércoles, Enero 7th, 2015

Obama y la Doctrina Monroe en Acción: EE.UU. “expresa” preocupación por “falta de información” sobre Canal de Nicaragua

La embajada estadounidense en Nicaragua expresó su preocupación por lo que considera una falta de información sobre un proyecto nicaragüense para construir un canal que una los océanos Pacífico y Atlántico. La  ...→

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