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Junio 25 en la Historia

The Korean War begins; Iran hardliner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sweeps to victory; Indians defeat Custer at Little Big Horn; John Dean testifies before the Senate Watergate Committee; Michael Jackson dies; ; Author George Orwell born; Deep-sea explorer Jacques Cousteau dies.

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Junio 25

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BBC’s In Context:

Written as if the event had only just occurred”


Iran hardliner sweeps to victory

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Ahmadinejad’s victory cements conservative control of the country

The ultra-conservative mayor of Tehran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has won a landslide victory in Iran’s presidential poll.Mr Ahmadinejad won 62% of votes, defying predictions of a close race, to defeat the more moderate ex-President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.

After his win, Mr Ahmadinejad said he planned to create a “modern, advanced and Islamic” role model for the world.

His victory means all the organs of the Iranian state are now in the hands of conservative hardliners.

Mr Ahmadinejad, 49, who campaigned on a conservative Islamic platform, had surprised observers by beating five other candidates in the first round to reach the run-off.

The BBC’s correspondent in Iran says it was Mr Ahmadinejad’s appeal to the poor that seems to be the secret to his success. Despite Iran’s huge oil wealth the country has high unemployment and a big gap between rich and poor.


Images from Today’s History:


Associated Press

History Channel


“King of Pop” Michael Jackson dies at age 50

On this day in 2009, Michael Jackson, one of the most commercially successful entertainers in history, dies at the age of 50 at his home in Los Angeles, California, after suffering from cardiac arrest caused by a fatal combination of drugs given to him by his personal doctor.

Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29, 1958, in Gary, Indiana, the seventh of Katherine and Joe Jackson’s nine children. At the age of 5, Jackson began performing with his older brothers in a music group coached by their steelworker father. In 1968, Motown Records signed the group, which became known as the Jackson 5, and Michael Jackson, a natural showman, emerged as the lead singer and star. The Jackson 5’s first album, released in 1969, featured the hit “I Want You Back,” and the group’s brand of pop-soul-R&B music made them an immediate success. Their musical popularity even led to their starring in their own TV cartoon series in the early 1970s.

Jackson released his first solo album, “Got to Be There,” in 1972, while continuing to sing with his brothers. Six years later, in 1978, he made his big-screen debut as the Scarecrow in “The Wiz,” an adaptation of the Broadway musical of the same name. Directed by Quincy Jones, the film starred an all-black cast that included singer Diana Ross as Dorothy. Jones collaborated with Jackson on his 1979 album “Off the Wall,” which sold some 7 million copies worldwide. The pair teamed up again for Jackson’s now-iconic 1982 album, “Thriller,” which went on to sell 50 million copies around the globe, making it the best-selling studio album of all time. “Thriller” is credited with jump-starting the era of music videos and playing a key role in the rise of then-fledging cable TV network MTV, which launched in 1981.

In 1983, Jackson created a massive sensation on a live Motown anniversary TV special when he performed his now-signature Moonwalk dance step while wearing a black fedora and a single white glove covered with rhinestones. According to The Los Angeles Times critic Robert Hillburn, the performance served as Jackson’s “unofficial coronation as the King of Pop. Within months, he changed the way people would hear and see pop music, unleashing an influence that rivaled that of Elvis Presley and the Beatles.”

Jackson’s next solo effort, “Bad,” debuted in 1987. It sold 8 million copies and featured a music video from acclaimed movie director Martin Scorsese. By this time, however, Jackson had paid a high price for his massive success. According to The Los Angeles Times: “He became so accustomed to bodyguards and assistants that he once admitted that he trembled if he had to open his own front door.”

By the 1990s, Jackson’s life was near-constant tabloid fodder. In 1993, he was accused of molesting a 13-year-old boy who had been a sleepover guest at his home. Jackson denied the allegations and the criminal investigation was dropped; however, the singer later settled a civil lawsuit with the boy’s family for a reported $20 million. In 2003, Jackson was accused of molesting another boy. Following a highly publicized trial in 2005, he was acquitted of all charges. During these years, Jackson also faced intense media scrutiny over his radically altered physical appearance, which included an ever-lighter complexion (which he attributed to a skin condition) and multiple plastic surgeries. Although Jackson himself was mostly close-mouthed on the topic, media sources alleged that Jackson developed an obsession with cosmetic surgery, in part, following an accident he suffered in January 1984 while shooting a Pepsi commercial. During filming, a pyrotechnics mishap set the singer’s hair on fire, and he suffered burns on his head and face that required reconstructive surgery. In the aftermath of the surgery, Jackson reportedly suffered from an addiction to prescription painkillers.

Jackson also made headlines with his brief marriage (1994-1994) to Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of singer Elvis Presley. From 1996 to 1999, he was wed to Debbie Rowe, the former assistant of his dermatologist and the mother of two of his three children. (Jackson’s youngest child, a boy, was reportedly born via a surrogate.)

On June 25, 2009, Jackson, who after a lengthy time away from the public spotlight was preparing for a series of summer concerts in London, was discovered unconscious in his Los Angeles mansion. The Los Angeles coroner’s officer later ruled the pop star’s death a homicide after lethal levels of the powerful sedative propofol, as well other drugs, were found in his system. Jackson’s personal physician, who was at the singer’s home when he died, had been giving him propofol as a sleep aid for a period of weeks.

On July 7, 2009, more than 20,000 fans attended a public memorial for Jackson at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Over 30 million viewers tuned in watch the event on cable TV, while millions more viewed it online.



This Day in History

History Channel


Indians defeat Custer at Little Big Horn

Battle of Little Bighorn_2

On this day in 1876, Native American forces led by Chiefs Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull defeat the U.S. Army troops of Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer in a bloody battle near southern Montana’s Little Bighorn River.

Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull, leaders of the Sioux tribe on the Great Plains, strongly resisted the mid-19th-century efforts of the U.S. government to confine their people to reservations. In 1875, after gold was discovered in South Dakota’s Black Hills, the U.S. Army ignored previous treaty agreements and invaded the region. This betrayal led many Sioux and Cheyenne tribesmen to leave their reservations and join Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse in Montana. By the late spring of 1876, more than 10,000 Native Americans had gathered in a camp along the Little Bighorn River–which they called the Greasy Grass–in defiance of a U.S. War Department order to return to their reservations or risk being attacked.

Battle of Little Bighorn_1In mid-June, three columns of U.S. soldiers lined up against the camp and prepared to march. A force of 1,200 Native Americans turned back the first column on June 17. Five days later, General Alfred Terry ordered Custer’s 7th Cavalry to scout ahead for enemy troops. On the morning of June 25, Custer drew near the camp and decided to press on ahead rather than wait for reinforcements.

At mid-day, Custer’s 600 men entered the Little Bighorn Valley. Among the Native Americans, word quickly spread of the impending attack. The older Sitting Bull rallied the warriors and saw to the safety of the women and children, while Crazy Horse set off with a large force to meet the attackers head on. Despite Custer’s desperate attempts to regroup his men, they were quickly overwhelmed. Custer and some 200 men in his battalion were attacked by as many as 3,000 Native Americans; within an hour, Custer and every last one of his soldier were dead.

The Battle of Little Bighorn–also called Custer’s Last Stand–marked the most decisive Native American victory and the worst U.S. Army defeat in the long Plains Indian War. The gruesome fate of Custer and his men outraged many white Americans and confirmed their image of the Indians as wild and bloodthirsty. Meanwhile, the U.S. government increased its efforts to subdue the tribes. Within five years, almost all of the Sioux and Cheyenne would be confined to reservations.



Hoy en la Historia del Mundo / Efemérides

 Istopia Historia:



Junio 25 se celebra…
  • España, Alto Gállego – Fiesta patronal, en honor de Santa Orosia.
  • España, Jacetania – Fiesta patronal, en honor de Santa Orosia.
Junio 25 en la Historia del Mundo …
1997 Un artefacto espacial choca con la estación espacial rusa Mir.
1996 Una boma en las Torres Khobar mata 19 marines en Arabia Saudí.
1993 Kim Campbell es elegida líder del Partido Conservador de Canadá y se convierte en la primera Primer Ministro de Canadá.
1991 Croacia y Eslovenia declara su independencia de Yugoslavia.
1981 Microsoft Inc. se estructura como empresa.
1975 Chile: es detenida la dirección política clandestina del Partido Socialista de Chile, por parte del Régimen militar.
1975 La Primera Ministro Indira Gandhi declara el estado de mergencia en India, suspendiendo las libertades individuales.
1975 Mozambique alcanza la independencia de Portugal.
1967 Primer programa mundial vía satélite: “Our World”
1950 Asia: las tropas norcoreanas cruzan el paralelo 38º dando comienzo a la Guerra de Corea, que durará hasta julio de 1953.
1948 Comienzo el bloqueo de Berlín.
1947 Se publica El diario de Ana Frank.
1944 La Batalla de Tali-Ihantala, la batalla más grande de los territorios nórdicos comienza.
1940 France formalmente se rinde a la Alemania nazi.
1938 Dr. Douglas Hyde es nombrado el primer Presidente de Irlanda.
1905 Cullinan Diamond, el diamante más grande del mundo, es descubierto por Frederick Wells.
1876 Estados Unidos: Batalla de Little Big Horn, el ejército de estadounidense es derrotado por los indios Sioux.
1870 España: la Reina Isabel II abdica del trono.
1806 Argentina: el ejército inglés desembarca 1.836 mosquetes en las playas de Quilmes.
1788 Virginia se convierte en el décimo estado en ratificar la Constitución de los Estados Unidos.
1431 España: el conde de Haro, Pedro Fernández de Velasco, ataca las tierras musulmanas de Montefrío (Granada), incendiando mieses, montes y cortijos.
0841 Batalla de Fontenay.
0524 Batalla de Vézeronce, los francos vencen a los burgundianos.
Nacimientos Notables en Junio 25 …
1993 Barney Clark, actor inglés.
1986 Aya Matsuura, cantante japonesa.
1982 Mikhail Youzhny, tenista ruso.
1981 Sheridan Smith, actriz britanica.
1981 Simon Ammann, saltadora de esquí suiza.
1980 Maja Latinovic, modelo serbia.
1980 Nozomi Takeuchi, actriz japonesa.
1979 Brandi Burkhardt, actriz y cantante estadounidense.
1979 Hirooki Goto, luchador profesional japonés.
1979 Katie Doyle, actriz estadounidense.
1979 Richard Hughes, futbolista escocés.
1978 Aftab Shivdasani, actor hindú.
1978 Layla El, diva de la lucha libre profesional
1976 Dubravka Vukotic, actriz montenegrino.
1976 José Cancela, futbolista uruguayo.
1975 Albert Costa, tenista español.
1975 Chenoa, cantante española.
1975 Linda Cardellini, actriz estadounidense.
1975 Natasha Klauss, actriz colombiana.
1975 Vladimir Kramnik, ajedrecista soviético.
1974 Jim LaMarca, guitarrista estadounidense. (Chimaira)
1974 Karisma Kapoor, actriz hindú.
1973 Jamie Redknapp, futbolista inglés.
1972 Carlos Delgado, beisbolista portorriqueño.
1972 Mike Kroeger, músico estadounidense. (Nickelback)
1971 Angela Kinsey, actriz estadounidense.
1971 Neil Lennon, futbolista norirlandés.
1971 Santiago de Tezanos, arquitecto uruguayo.
1970 Erki Nool, atleta estonio.
1970 Lucy Benjamin, actriz británico.
1969 Zim Zum, guiterrrista estadounidense. (Marilyn Manson)
1966 Dikembe Mutombo, jugador de baloncesto congoleño.
1964 Emma Suárez, actriz española.
1964 Johnny Herbert, piloto de carreras inglés.
1963 George Michael, músico británico de origen griego.
1963 Yann Martel, escritor candiense.
1962 Ricardo Iorio, bajista y cantante argentino.
1961 Ricky Gervais, cómico inglés.
1960 Craig Johnston, futbolista australiano.
1960 Dario de Judicibus, escritor italiano.
1959 Jari Puikkonen, saltador de esquí filandés.
1956 Boris Trajkovski, Presidente de la Republica de Macedonia (d. 2004)
1954 David Paich, compositor (Toto)
1952 Tim Finn, cantante neozelandesa.
1949 Patrick Tambay, piloto francés de Fórmula 1.
1948 Antonio Catalán, empresario español.
1948 Manuel Bento, futbolista portugues.
1947 Jimmie Walker, actor estadounidense.
1946 Ian McDonald, músico inglés. (King Crimson y Foreigner)
1945 Carly Simon, cantante estadounidense.
1945 Kenneth Buchanan, boxeador británico.
1944 Robert Charlebois, cantante canadiense.
1942 Willis Reed, jugador de baloncesto estadounidense.
1941 Denys Arcand, cineasta candiense.
1940 A.J. Quinnell, British writer (d. 2005)
1939 Allen Fox, tenista estadounidense.
1939 Clint Warwick, músico inglés. (The Moody Blues) (d. 2004)
1939 Harold Melvin, músico estadounidense. (Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes) (d. 1997)
1937 Obuchi Keizo, primer ministro de Japón **(1998-2000).
1936 Jusuf Habibie, Presidente de Indonesia
1935 Eddie Floyd, cantante estadounidense.
1935 Joaquín Muns Albuixech, economista y profesor español.
1933 Álvaro Siza Vieira, arquitecto portugués.
1933 James Meredith, activista de los derechos humanos estadounidense.
1932 Peter Blake, artista británico.
1930 Mary Beth Peil, cantante estadounidense.
1929 Eric Carle, escritor estadounidense.
1928 Alexei Alexeyevich Abrikosov, fisico ruso.
1928 Peyo, historietista belga, creador de Los Pitufos.
1928 William Russo, músico de jazz estadounidense. (d. 2003)
1926 Ingeborg Bachmann, escritor austríaco. (d. 1973)
1925 John Briley, novelista y guionista estadounidense.
1925 June Lockhart, actriz estadounidense.
1924 Robert Venturi, arquitecto estadounidense.
1924 Sidney Lumet, director de cine estadounidense.
1923 Nicholas Mosley, escritor británico.
1921 Celia Franca, bailarina canadiense.
1921 Julián Trincado, empresario español.
1913 Cyril Fletcher, cómico británico. (d. 2005)
1911 William Howard Stein, bioquímico estadounidense.
1908 Willard Van Orman Quine, filósofo estadounidense. (d. 2000)
1907 J. Hans D. Jensen, físico alemán. (d. 1973)
1903 Anne Revere, actriz estadounidense.
1903 George Orwell, escritor y periodista británico.
1900 Louis Mountbatten, estadista británico.
1894 Hermann Oberth, ingeniero alemán.
1887 George Abbott, dramaturgo estadounidense. (d. 1995)
1886 Henry H. Arnold, militar estadounidense. (d. 1950)
1884 Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, promotro de arte alemán. (d. 1979)
1869 Luis A. Martínez, escritor y político ecuatoriano.
1866 José Garnelo y Alda, pintor español.
1865 Robert Henri, pintor estadounidense.
1864 Walther Hermann Nernst, físico y químico alemán, premio Nobel de Química en 1920.
1863 Emile Francqui, soldado belga. (d. 1935)
1860 Gustave Charpentier, compositor francés. (d. 1956)
1858 Georges Courteline, dramaturgo francés. (d. 1929)
1852 Antonio Gaudí, arquitecto español.
1814 Gabriel Auguste Daubrée, geologo francés. (d. 1896)
1715 Joseph-François Foulon, político francés. (d. 1789)
1708 Pompeo Girolamo Batoni, pintor italiano.
1612 John Albert Vasa, obispo polaco. (d. 1634)
1560 Wilhelm Fabry, insurgente alemán. (d. 1634)
1328 William Montacute, militar inglés. (d. 1397)
Fallecimientos Notables en Junio 25 …
2009 Farrah Fawcett, actriz estadounidense (n. 1947).
2009 Michael Jackson, El Rey del Pop (n. 1958).
2008 Vicente La Russa, actor de cine y televisión argentino (n. 1928).
2007 Mahasti, cantante persa. (b. 1946)
2006 Jaap Penraat, arquetecto holandés. (b. 1918)
2005 John Fiedler, Actor estadounidense. (b. 1925)
2004 Imanol Larzabal, cantautor español.
2003 Lester Maddox, político estadounidense. (b. 1915)
2002 Jean Corbeil, político candiense. (b. 1934)
1997 Jacques Cousteau, oceanógrafo francés.
1995 Ernest Thomas Sinton Walton, físico irlandés, premio Nobel de Física en 1951.
1995 William Layton, dramaturgo estadounidense.
1992 James Stirling, arquitecto británico, premio Pritzker en 1981.
1991 Michael Heidelberg, científico estadounidense.
1990 Ronald Gene Simmons, asesino en serie estadounidense.
1989 Edward C. Tudor, inventor norteamericano del transmisor.
1989 Rafael Ortega Gómez, Gallito, torero español.
1988 Hillel Slovak, guitarrista israelí (Red Hot Chili Peppers).
1985 Morris Mason, asesino estadounidense. (b. 1954)
1984 Michel Foucault, filósofo francés.
1983 Alberto Ginastera, compositor argentino.
1979 Philippe Halsman, fotótgrafo estadounidense. (b. 1906)
1976 Johnny Mercer, letrista estadounidense. (b. 1909)
1974 Cornelius Lanczos, matemático húngaro. (b. 1893)
1971 John Boyd Orr, físico escocés. (b. 1880)
1960 Walter Baade, astrónomo alemán.
1959 Charles Starkweather, asesino en serie (b. 1938)
1948 William C. Lee, general estadounidense. (b. 1895)
1944 Lucha Reyes, cantante mexicana.
1937 Colin Clive, actor británico. (b. 1900)
1916 Thomas Eakins, artista estadounidense. (b. 1844)
1909 Emilia Álvarez Mijares, escritora española.
1894 Marie François Sadi Carnot, político francés.
1884 Hans Rott, compositor austríaco. (b. 1858)
1882 François Jouffroy, escultor francés. (b. 1806)
1876 George Armstrong Custer, conocido como el General Custer del 7º de caballería de los Estados Unidos.
1875 Antoine-Louis Barye, escultor francés. (b. 1796)
1868 Carlo Matteucci, físico italiano. (b. 1811)
1866 Alexander von Nordmann, zoólogo y botánico finlandés.
1861 Abd-ul-Mejid I, Sultán del Imperio Otomano.
1838 François Nicolas Benoît, general francés. (b. 1774)
1822 E.T.A. Hoffmann, escritor alemán. (b. 1776)
1798 Thomas Sandby, arquitecto inglés. (b. 1721)
1792 Thomas Peters, fundador de Sierra Leona (b. 1738)
1767 Georg Philipp Telemann, compositor alemán. (b. 1681)
1715 Jean du Casse, almirante francés. (b. 1646)
1686 Simon Ushakov, pintor ruso. (b. 1626)
1673 Charles de Batz-Castelmore, Conde d’Artagnan y Capitán de los Mosqueteros de Luis XIV de Francia (b. 1611)
1671 Giovanni Battista Riccioli, astrónomo italiano. (b. 1598)
1669 François de Vendôme, duque de Beaufort y soldado francés. (b. 1616)
1665 Arichiduque Segismundo Francisco de Austria (b. 1630)
1638 Juan Pérez Montalván, poeta y dramaturgo español.
1634 John Marston, dramaturgo inglés. (b. 1576)
1593 Michele Mercati, físico y jardinero italiano. (b. 1541)
1579 Hatano Hideharu, samurai japonés. (b. 1541)
1572 Alfonso García Matamoros, humanista español.
1535 Juan Fisher, Obispo y mártir inglés
1533 María Tudor, reian consrote de Luis XII de Francia (b. 1496)
1522 Franchinus Gaffurius, compositor italiano. (b. 1451)
1483 Anthony Woodville, escritor inglés.
1483 Eduardo V, rey sin coronar de Inglaterra.
1218 Simón de Montfort, cruzado francés. (b. 1160)
1134 Rey Niels de Dinamarca
0635 Emperador Gaozu de Tang, primer emperador de la dinastía Tang (b. 566)


History Channel: 

“Also on this Day”

  • Lead Story

  • 1876 Battle of Little Bighorn
  • American Revolution

  • 1745 South Carolina Patriot Thomas Tudor Tucker born in Bermuda
  • Automotive

  • 1956 Last Packard produced
  • Civil War

  • 1864 Union begins tunneling toward Rebels at Petersburg
  • Cold War

  • 1950 Korean War begins
  • Crime

  • 1910 Congress passes Mann Act
  • Disaster

  • 1957 Hurricane Audrey hits Gulf Coast
  • General Interest

  • 1942 Eisenhower takes command
  • 1993 Kim Campbell takes office
  • Hollywood

  • 2009 “King of Pop” Michael Jackson dies at age 50
  • Literary

  • 1857 Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal is published
  • Music

  • 1988 Teenager Debbie Gibson earns a #1 hit with “Foolish Beat”
  • Old West

  • 1876 Indians defeat Custer at Little Big Horn
  • Presidential

  • 1942 Eisenhower assumes command of U.S. troops in Europe
  • Sports

  • 1948 Joe Louis defeats Jersey Joe Walcott
  • 1950 U.S. World Cup team wins unlikely victory over England
  • Vietnam War

  • 1965 Viet Cong blow up a floating restaurant
  • 1969 U.S. Navy turns boats over to South Vietnamese Navy
  • World War I

  • 1915 Germans release statement on use of poison gas at Ypres
  • World War II

  • 1900 Lord Louis Mountbatten is born



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