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Julio 08 en la Historia

G8 leaders agree $50bn aid boost; Paris celebrates 2,000th birthday; Commodore Matthew Perry arrives in Tokyo Bay; Industrialist John D. Rockefeller born; Word of what becomes known as ‘The Roswell Incident’; North Korea’s Kim Il Sung dies; Ziegfeld stages first ‘Follies.’


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G8 leaders agree $50bn aid boost

G8 leaders

The leaders of the G8 summit pose together at the Gleneagles summit in Scotland

The G8 summit has ended with an agreement to boost aid for developing countries by $50bn (£28.8bn).The debt of the 18 poorest nations in Africa is also being cancelled.

On trade, there was a commitment to work towards cutting subsidies and tariffs.

On climate change, Prime Minister Tony Blair said an agreement had always been unlikely, but that the US now accepted global warming was an issue.

Kumi Naidoo, Chair of the Global Call to Action against Poverty, was disappointed. “The people have roared but the G8 has whispered,” he said.

But Live 8 organiser Bob Geldof spoke of a “great day”

In Context
Rock singer and campaigner, Bob Geldof, organised a global concert ahead of the Gleneagles summit to highlight the problem of poverty in the developing world.The Live 8 concert which was staged in 10 cities around the world on 2 July aimed to put pressure on the global leaders ahead of their G8 summit in Gleneagles.

The summit was overshadowed by the London bombings on 7 July. Four suicide bombers struck central London at the end of the morning rush-hour, killing 52 people and injuring 700.


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Paris celebrates 2,000th birthday


Paris celebrates 2,000th birthday_21951: Guests celebrated the 2,000th anniversary of Paris at the Plaza-Athénée.Credit IHT Archive

Paris_6On this day in 1951, Paris, the capital city of France, celebrates turning 2,000 years old. In fact, a few more candles would’ve technically been required on the birthday cake, as the City of Lights was most likely founded around 250 B.C.

The history of Pariscan be traced back to a Gallic tribe known as the Parisii, who sometime around 250 B.C. settled an island (known today as Ile de la Cite) in the Seine River, which runs through present-day Paris. By 52 B.C., Julius Caesar and the Romans had taken over the area, which eventually became Christianized and known as Lutetia, Latin for “midwater dwelling.” The settlement later spread to both the left and right banks of the Seine and the name Lutetia was replaced with “Paris.” In 987 A.D., Paris became the capital of France. As the city grew, the Left Bank earned a reputation as the intellectual district while the Right Bank became known for business.

During the French Renaissance period, from the late 15th century to the early 17th century, Paris became a center of art, architecture and science. In the mid-1800s, Napoleon III hired civic planner Georges-Eugene Hausmann to modernize Paris. Hausmann’s designs gave the city wide, tree-lined boulevards, large public parks, a new sewer system and other public works projects. The city continued to develop as an important hub for the arts and culture. In the 1860s, an artistic movement known as French Impression emerged, featurParis celebrates 2,000th birthday_1ing the work of a group of Paris-based artists that included Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Today, Paris is home to some 2 million residents, with an additional 10 million people living in the surrounding metropolitan area. The city retains its reputation as a center for food, fashion, commerce and culture. Paris also continues to be one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, renowned for such sights as the Eiffel Tower (built in 1889 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution), the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Elysees, Notre Dame Cathedral (built in 1163), Luxembourg Gardens and the Louvre Museum, home to Leonardo da Vinci’s painting “Mona Lisa.”



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Julio 8 en la Historia del Mundo …
2005 El Comité Olímpico Internacional aprueba en Singapur la exclusión de béisbol y sóftbol de los Juegos Olímpicos de Londres 2012.
2003 Malasia: Se funda la ciudad de Ciberjaya
1941 El ejército alémán asedia la ciudad de Leningrado, actualmente San Petesburgo, en Rusia.
1933 El vicecanciller alemán, Franz von Papen y el secretario de Estado del Vaticano Eugenio Pacelli (futuro Pío XII) firman el concordato entre los países que representan.
1923 El Partido Comunista de España celebra su segundo congreso, donde se elige como secretario general a Óscar Pérez Solís.
Nacimientos Notables en Julio 8 …
1982 Sophia Bush, actriz estadounidense.
1977 Milo Ventimiglia, actor estadounidense.
1974 Zhanna Friske, cantante y actriz rusa.
1973 Kathleen Robertson, actriz canadiense.
1970 Beck, cantante y compositor estadounidense.
1958 Kevin Bacon, actor estadounidense.
1951 Anjelica Huston, actriz estadounidense.
1926 Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, psiquiatra americo-suiza.
1926 Juanito Navarro, actor español.
1914 Billy Eckstine, cantante estadounidense de jazz.
1914 Jyoti Basu, político hindú
1908 Nelson Rockefeller, vicepresidente de los Estados Unidos (1974-1977).
1906 Philip Johnson, arquitecto estadounidense.
1904 Henri Cartan, matemático francés.
1893 Fritz Perls, médico psiquiatra alemán.
1892 Nikolai Nikolaevich Polikarpov, aviador ruso.
1892 Richard Aldington, escritor y poeta británico.
1866 Benedict Friedlaender, sexólogo y activista de los derechos de los homosexuales.
1857 Alfred Binet, psicólogo y pedagogo francés.
1839 John D. Rockefeller, empresario y filántropo estadounidense.
1838 Ferdinand von Zeppelin, inventor del dirigible.
Fallecimientos Notables en Julio 8 …
2008 John Templeton, filántropo y empresario estadounidense (n. 1912).
2006 Ana María Campoy, actriz argentina.
2006 June Allyson, actriz estadounidense.
2006 Sabine Dünser, cantante liechtensteiniense.
2003 Ladan y Laleh Bijani, siamesas iraníes, fallecen durante la operación de separación.
1999 Ángel L. Cabrera, botánico hispanoargentino.
1999 Charles Conrad, astronauta estadounidense.
1994 Kim Il-Sung, Primer Ministro y Presidente de Corea del Norte.
1987 Gerardo Diego, poeta español.
1984 Claudio Sánchez Albornoz, historiador español.
1933 Anthony Hope, escritor británico.
1809 Thomas Paine, pensador, revolucionario, ilustrado y liberal británico.
1747 Giovanni Bononcini, compositor y violonchelista italiano.
1726 Antonio Maria Bononcini, compositor italiano.
1695 Christiaan Huygens, astrónomo, físico y matemático holandés.


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“Also on this Day”

  • Lead Story

  •  1951 Paris celebrates 2,000th birthday
  • American Revolution

  • 1776 Liberty Bell tolls to announce Declaration of Independence
  • Automotive

  • 2004 Suzuki settles Consumer Reports lawsuit after eight-year legal battle
  • Civil War

  • 1863 Confederates surrender Port Hudson, Louisiana
  • Cold War

  • 1954 Colonel Castillo Armas takes power in Guatemala
  • Crime

  • 1928 A spiteful son kills four in a fit of rage
  • Disaster

  • 1997 Torrential rains cause flooding in Europe
  • General Interest

  • 1776 The Liberty Bell rings
  • 1853 Commodore Perry sails into Tokyo Bay
  • 1950 MacArthur named Korean commander
  • 1960 Pilot Francis Gary Powers charged with espionage
  • 1994 North Korea’s “Great Leader” dies
  • Hollywood

  • 1949 Official Oscars chef Wolfgang Puck born
  • Literary

  • 1918 Hemingway is wounded
  • Music

  • 1972 “Lean On Me” begins its first stay at #1
  • Old West

  • 1898 Soapy Smith killed in Skagway, Alaska
  • Presidential

  • 1891 Warren Harding marries Florence Mabel Kling DeWolfe
  • Sports

  • 1941 Splendid Splinter homers to win All-Star Game
  • Vietnam War

  • 1959 First Americans killed in South Vietnam
  • 1965 Taylor resigns Saigon post
  • World War I

  • 1918 Ernest Hemingway wounded on the Italian front
  • World War II

  • 1941 German general’s diary reveals Hitler’s plans for Russia



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