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Febrero 12 en la historia:

President Abraham Lincoln and naturalist Charles Darwin born; Scientists highlight hazards of GM food; The U.S. Senate acquits President Bill Clinton in his impeachment trial; Milosevic goes on trial for war crimes; Founding of the NAACP; Cartoonist Charles Schulz dies.


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Scientists highlight hazards of GM food

A group of international scientists has reinforced warnings genetically modified food may be damaging to health.The 20 independent scientists have signed a memorandum in support of Arpad Pusztai who was forced to retire last year over his revelations about the effects of biologically altered potatoes on laboratory rats.

You can imagine a doomsday scenario
Ronald Finn, BSAEM

An expert on plant toxins, Dr Pusztai was suspended by the Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen and did not have his annual contract renewed after he publicised his findings on British television.Former president of the British Society of Allergy and Environmental Medicine Ronald Finn said: “Dr Pusztai’s results at the very least raise the suspicion that genetically modified potatoes may damage the immune system.”

He continued: “You can imagine a doomsday scenario. If the immune system of the population was weakened, then the mortality would be increased many, many times.”

Dr Pustzai, 68, found the internal organs and immune systems of rats was altered by the presence of an additional gene – responsible for the production of the plant toxin lectin – in the potatoes.

A researcher at the department of pathology at Aberdeen University, Stanley Ewen, has just released details of his own experiments indicating rats fed on GM – or transgenic – potatoes absorbed lectin into their intestines.

Mr Ewen explained: “It may be that in GM food a drug-delivery system has been created, delivering something you didn’t want to.”

The director of the Rowett Institute, Philip James, has defended his decision to suspend Dr Pusztai saying he had become “muddled” over key aspects of the potato experiments.

He denied he had come under political pressure to dismiss the controversial scientist.

Prime Minister Tony Blair has rejected calls for a moratorium on GM food saying there is a rigorous regulatory process before they reach supermarket shelves in the UK.

In Context
Arpad Pusztai was the first senior scientist to question the effects of genetically modified foods.His research was publicised just as GM foods were first appearing in shops and many people were deterred from using them.

Anti-GM campaigners like Friends of the Earth championed Dr Pusztai’s cause, but most of the scientific establishment – including the Royal Society – pilloried him.

He launched a website in June 1999 to hit back at his previous employers and critics.

Leading medical journal The Lancet published the findings of Dr Pustzai and Dr Ewen in October 1999.

Investigations by the BBC and Guardian newspaper in June 2002 found government papers admitting mishandling the affair and making Dr Pusztai into a martyr.


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Milosevic goes on trial for war crimes

On this day in 2002, former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic goes on trial at The Hague, Netherlands, on charges of genocide and war crimes in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo. Milosevic served as his own attorney for much of the prolonged trial, which ended without a verdict when the so-called “Butcher of the Balkans” was found dead at age 64 from an apparent heart attack in his prison cell on March 11, 2006.Yugoslavia, consisting of Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia, became a federal republic, headed by Communist leader Marshal Tito, on January 31, 1946. Tito died in May 1980 and Yugoslavia, along with communism, crumbled over the next decade.

Milosevic, born August 20, 1941, joined the Communist Party at age 18; he became president of Serbia in 1989. On June 25, 1991, Croatia and Slovenia declared their independence from Yugoslavia and Milosevic sent tanks to the Slovenian border, sparking a brief war that ended in Slovenia’s secession. In Croatia, fighting broke out between Croats and ethnic Serbs and Serbia sent weapons and medical supplies to the Serbian rebels in Croatia. Croatian forces clashed with the Serb-led Yugoslav army troops and their Serb supporters. An estimated 10,000 people were killed and hundreds of Croatian towns were destroyed before a U.N. cease-fire was established in January 1992. In March, Bosnia-Herzegovina declared its independence, and Milosevic funded the subsequent Bosnian Serb rebellion, starting a war that killed an estimated 200,000 people, before a U.S.-brokered peace agreement was reached at Dayton, Ohio, in 1995.

In Kosovo, a formerly autonomous province of Serbia, liberation forces clashed with Serbs and the Yugoslav army was sent in. Amidst reports that Milosevic had launched an ethnic cleansing campaign against Kosovo’s ethnic Albanians, NATO forces launched air strikes against Yugoslavia in 1999.

Ineligible to run for a third term as Serbian president, Milosevic had made himself president of Yugoslavia in 1997. After losing the presidential election in September 2000, he refused to accept defeat until mass protests forced him to resign the following month. He was charged with corruption and abuse of power and finally surrendered to Serbian authorities on April 1, 2001, after a 26-hour standoff. That June, he was extradited to the Netherlands and indicted by a United Nations war crimes tribunal. Milosevic died in his cell of a heart attack before his trial could be completed.

In February 2003, Serbia and Montenegro became a commonwealth and officially dropped the name Yugoslavia. In June 2006, the two countries declared their independence from each other.



Hoy en la Historia del Mundo / Efemérides

 Istopia Historia:



Febrero 12 se celebra…
  • 200º Aniversario del nacimiento de Charles Darwin.
  • Carnaval, Martes de Carnaval o Mardi Gras: Andorra – Angola – Aruba – Belize – Bolivia – Brasil – Cabo Verde – Curazao – Dominica – Ecuador – Guadalupe – Guinea Bissau – Haití – Italia – Liechtenstein – Luxemburgo – Malta – Martinica – México – Mónaco – Panamá – Portugal – Sta. Lucía – St. Martín – Suiza – Trinidad y Tobago – Uruguay – Venezuela
  • Corea del Norte – Sollal –
  • Cumpleaños de Abraham Lincoln – Estados Unidos de Norteamérica
  • Día de Georgia – Georgia, Estados Unidos de Norteamérica
  • Día de la Independencia de Chile
  • Día de la juventud de Venezuela
  • Mauricio – Festival de Primavera – Mauricio
  • Nepal – Shivaratri (en honor de Shiva) –
  • Nuevo Año Lunar: Brunei – China – Corea del Sur – Hong Kong – Indonesia – Laos – Malasia – Singapur – Taiwán – Tailandia
  • Primer Día del Primer Mes del Nuevo Año Lunar – Macao
  • Santoral católico: Santa Eulalia, San Benigno (martir en Roma), San Benito de Aniano
  • Sudán – Isra y Merag –
  • Tet Nguyen – Vietnam
  • Tsagaan Sar – Mongolia
  • Union de Myanmar – Myanmar
Febrero 12 en la Historia del Mundo …
2004 La empresa juguetera Mattel anuncia la ruptura de Barbie y Ken, después de cuarenta y tres años de relaciones.
2002 Día mundial contra el uso de niños soldados. El 12 de febrero de 2002 entró en vigor el Protocolo Facultativo a la Convención sobre los Derechos del niño, impulsado por Organización de las Naciones Unidas, que elevaba la edad mínima de reclutamiento y participación en hostilidades de 15 a 18 años.
1993 Inglaterra. John Venables y Robert Thompson, ambos de 10 años de edad, secuestran y asesinan a un niño de 2 años de edad dejándolo en las vías del tren; no sin antes golpearlo y torturarlo hasta extinguir su vida.
1974 El presidente del Gobierno Carlos Arias Navarro, dirige un discurso programático a las Cortes, considerado aperturista.
1952 Proclamación de Isabel II como reina de Inglaterra.
1941 Franco se entrevista con Mussolini en la ciudad italiana de Bordighera, durante la II Guerra Mundial.
1931 Inauguración de Radio Vaticano por el papa Pío XI.
1885 Es fundado en Puerto Montt, Chile, el Diario el LLanquihue. Es el cuarto diario más antiguo del país.
1853 La ciudad de Puerto Montt, en Chile, es fundada por Vicente Pérez Rosales. Es nombrada en honor del presidente Manuel Montt.
1825 Estreno de la ópera Adelson e Salvini de Bellini en el Teatro del Conservatorio di S. Sebastiano de Nápoles.
1818 Bernardo O’Higgins aprueba el Acta de Independencia de Chile de Chile en Talca.
1817 Batalla de Chacabuco, fundamental en la independencia de Chile. Las tropas patriotas al mando de Bernardo O’Higgins y José de San Martín derrotan a las realistas.
1814 Batalla de La Victoria, de la época de independencia de Venezuela. Los Generales patriotas José Félix Rivas y Vicente Campo Elías junto con tropas formadas por seminaristas y estudiantes de la Universidad de Caracas, derrotan a las tropas realistas comandadas por José Tomás Boves y su segundo al mando, Francisco Tomás Morales.
1812 Camilo Henríquez funda La Aurora de Chile, en Santiago, capital de Chile, primer periódico del país. En esa fecha se celebra en Chile El día de la prensa.
1809 Nacimiento de Charles Robert Darwin (12 de febrero de 1809 – 19 de abril de 1882) eminente naturalista británico.
1567 La Ciudad de Castro es fundada el 12 de febrero de 1567 por el capitán Martín Ruiz de Gamboa. Es la tercera ciudad más antigua de Chile, después de Santiago y La Serena (Chile) (Valdivia fue destruida por un alzamiento indígena en 1599 y sólo fue refundada en 1645).
1552 La Ciudad de Valdivia en Chile es fundada por Pedro de Valdivia que ese día tomó posesión efectiva de la localidad y le dio su apellido a la ciudad.
1541 Pedro de Valdivia funda Santiago de la Nueva Extremadura, hoy Santiago, capital de Chile.
Nacimientos Notables en Febrero 12 …
1980 Christina Ricci, actriz estadounidense.
1980 Juan Carlos Ferrero, tenista español.
1979 Jesse Spencer, actor australiano.
1976 Silvia Saint, actriz pornográfica checa.
1974 Toranosuke Takagi, piloto de Fórmula 1 japonés.
1973 Tara Strong, actriz de voz canadiense.
1970 Jim Creeggan, bajista canadiense (Barenaked Ladies).
1969 Darren Aronofsky, director de cine estadounidense.
1969 Hong Myung-Bo, futbolista surcoreano.
1969 Meja, Swedish singer
1964 Alfredo Forte, músico argentino (Bajista).
1962 Alberto Plaza, cantautor y compositor chileno.
1958 Javier Gurruchaga, cantante español.
1956 Brian Robertson, músico escocés de las bandas Thin Lizzy y Motorhead.
1954 Philip Zimmermann, inventor estadounidense, creador de PGP.
1950 Steve Hackett, guitarrista de la banda británica Genesis.
1949 Joaquín Sabina, cantautor español.
1948 Raymond Kurzweil, inventor y escritor estadounidense.
1947 Alfonso Ussía, escritor español.
1942 Ehud Barak, Primer Ministro de Israel.
1939 Ray Manzarek, tecladista estadounidense (The Doors).
1934 Bill Russell, ex-jugador de baloncesto estadounidense.
1933 Costa-Gavras, director de cine franco-griego.
1932 Julian Lincoln Simon, economista estadounidense.
1926 Alfonso Paso, escritor español.
1924 Jorge Gaitán Durán, poeta colombiano.
1923 Franco Zeffirelli, cineasta italiano.
1918 Julian Schwinger, físico estadounidense, Premio Nobel de Física en 1965.
1913 Nicolau Casaus, vicepresidente del F.C. Barcelona desde 1978 – 2003.
1911 Antonio Guzmán, Presidente de República Dominicana.
1909 Sigmund Rascher, médico alemán de las SS.
1908 Jacques Herbrand, matemático francés.
1905 Federica Montseny, anarquista española.
1893 Omar Bradley, militar estadounidense.
1884 Max Beckmann, pintor alemán.
1881 Anna Pavlova, bailarina rusa.
1876 Thubten Gyatso, decimotercer Dalái Lama.
1837 Emilia Calé, escritora española.
1830 Pedro León Gallo, político chileno.
1809 Abraham Lincoln, 16º presidente de los EE.UU.
1809 Charles Darwin, naturalista británico.
1804 Heinrich Lenz, físico alemán.
Fallecimientos Notables en Febrero 12 …
2010 Luis Molowny, futbolista y entrenador español (n. 1925).
2010 Nodar Kumaritashvili, luger georgiano (n. 1988).
2009 Álvaro Bardón, economista y político chileno (n. 1940).
2009 Domenica Niehoff, activista social y prostituta alemana (n. 1945).
2008 Arturo Tejerina, periodista español (n. 1956).
2008 Imad Mugniyah, líder político libanés (n. 1962).
2008 Wilson Hermosa González, músico y compositor boliviano de Los Kjarkas (n. 1944).
2007 Marianne Fredriksson, periodista y escritora sueca.
2007 Peggy Gilbert, saxofonista de jazz estadounidense.
2005 Rafael Vidal, nadador venezolano.
2002 Traudl Junge, secretaria personal de Adolf Hitler.
2000 Charles M. Schulz, dibujante de comic estadounidense.
1989 Thomas Bernhard, escritor austríaco.
1984 Julio Cortázar, escritor argentino.
1979 Jean Renoir, director francés de cine.
1976 Sal Mineo, actor estadounidense.
1963 Martín Ramírez, pintor mexicano.
1960 Jean-Michel Atlan, pintor francés.
1959 George Antheil, músico estadounidense.
1947 Kurt Lewin, psicólogo polaco.
1939 Carl Herlitz, empresario alemán.
1933 Henri Duparc, compositor francés.
1896 Ambroise Thomas, compositor de óperas francés.
1834 Friedrich Schleiermacher, teólogo alemán.
1804 Emmanuel Kant, filósofo alemán.
1771 Adolfo Federico, rey de Suecia.
1763 Pierre de Marivaux, dramaturgo francés.
1689 María Luisa de Orleans, reina consorte de España (1679-1689).
1571 Benvenuto Cellini, orfebre italiano.


History Channel: 

“Also on this Day”

  • Lead Story

  • 2002 Milosevic goes on trial for war crimes
  • American Revolution

  • 1789 Ethan Allen dies
  • Automotive

  • 2008 GM reports record loss, offers buyouts to 74,000 workers
  • Civil War

  • 1828 Robert Ransom is born
  • Cold War

  • 1988 Russian ships bump U.S. destroyer and cruiser
  • Crime

  • 1976 Actor Sal Mineo is killed in Hollywood
  • Disaster

  • 2002 Iranian jet slams into mountain
  • General Interest

  • 1793 Congress enacts first fugitive slave law
  • 1865 Garnet preaches to House on slavery and Civil War
  • 1912 Last emperor of China abdicates
  • 1986 Scharansky released
  • 1999 President Clinton acquitted
  • Hollywood

  • 2008 Writers’ strike ends after 100 days
  • Literary

  • 1938 Judy Blume, popular young-adult author, is born
  • Music

  • 1924 Rhapsody In Blue, by George Gershwin, performed for first time
  • Old West

  • 1915 Lorne Greene is born
  • Presidential

  • 1809 Abraham Lincoln is born
  • Sports

  • 1934 Basketball great Bill Russell born
  • Vietnam War

  • 1972 Cambodians launch attack to retake Angkor Wat
  • 1973 Release of U.S. POWs begins
  • World War I

  • 1915 British planes raid Belgian coast
  • 1917 American schooner Lyman M. Law is sunk
  • World War II

  • 1941 Rommel in Africa


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