China Tells Trump to Go to Hell |

China Tells Trump to Go to Hell

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  One thing about China is that they believe a distracted President has no power. Donald Trump decided to welcome Xi Jinping to his opulent estate in Mar-a-Lago of Palm Beach, Florida. Trump splashed and paraded his conventional wisdom in soliciting the American dream as opulence to who he is and what Americans crave for in terms of a successful determination of the people they strive to become.

However, Trump is programmed to believe in the art of the deal and all his dreams and illusions that expose his emotions rather than following the rules of convincing China to open up their domestic markets to the United States’ multinational pride.

Trump’s mind only believes in North Korea’s masculinity and how it systematically diminishes the role of the President of the United States. Not only does Trump believe in his own paranoia, he has succumbed to Kim Jong-Un’s paranoia that has sequestered the Trump administration to a point of stagnation that will now be difficult to retract from.

Trump’s psychological framework is to ask the Secret Service what Kim Jong-Un really stands for. These basic questions make us wonder why the swamp elected an individual like this in the first place. Not only does Trump display weakness in the geopolitical world, he had the mitigated audacity to ask China and Xi Jinping to persuade North Korea to limit their firepower in regards to Japan’s territorial waters.

Japan is getting impatient with Trump’s mishandling of the Korean Peninsula. Analysts are constantly in debate in regards to North Korea’s unique political system. It is quite distinct politically when compared to the specific characteristics of South Korea’s political system; however North Korea exhibits significant commonalities.

The various regime types and authority structures resemble a close similarity. An all-powerful leader in the form of Kim Jong-Un organizes a highly centralized and militarized bureaucratic regime in Pyongyang. When examining the leader and its underlying system, it is evident that North Korea’s political system should be viewed as a totalitarian regime that has managed to stay resilient as many forces aim to diminish it.

The real issues will arise after the death of Kim Jong-Un. Will the system collapse? Will the totalitarian regime be able to handle the death of the leader? Or will a “post-totalitarian” system simply arise which may take a similar path taken by other communist regimes including the Soviet Union after the passing of Joseph Stalin and China after the passing of Mao Zedong?

The real problem with Trump is Trump. Now he pontificates that since China did not come through with the deal to circumvent North Korea’s recalcitrant behavior that he is willing to tell the rest of the world that America will now apply sanctions to China. However, China did the honorable thing and at the same time announced its renewed pledges to transition the nation’s economy and defend free and fair trade.

With a swift announcement, China successfully reestablished its role as a pillar of growth and globalization that isn’t afraid to deal with the world’s political and business leaders who all assembled in Davos to devise a blueprint for an inclusive future that doesn’t leave any nation behind. The meeting included around 1,500 politicians, entrepreneurs, scholars, officials and media representatives from upwards of 90 countries and regions to discuss issues including inclusive growth all the way to new industrial revolutions that will help prosper global economies forward.

This came as no surprise as China released new figures for their own domestic economic growth. The nation saw the fastest GDP increase for 18 months in Q1 and proved that the nation is making a strong effort to put flagging global prosperity and growth back on a sustainable platform. Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum founder and executive chairman only had good words to say, “China’s growth is an incredible contribution to the global economy.”

Schwab continued and praised China for their global economic effort. He pointed to the fact that the nation has been a game-changer, a major stabilizer, and a battering ram for the world economy. Schwab mentioned how China has contributed for more than 30% of recent growth with GDP growing 6.9% in Q1 over the same period in 2016.

Being the economic dimwit he is, Trump can easily dismiss the factual data of China’s economic rise and global contribution as fake news. Trump is a fan of protectionism, a quality that may accelerate the downfall of America’s global competitiveness. Premier Li of China thinks otherwise, he understands countries need to safeguard economic globalization to achieve inclusive growth.

Globalization takes the form of free flows of capital, human resources, and merchandise. This in turn creates a larger market and an abundance of choices available for consumers that benefit all countries. Problems countries now face are not due to globalization, but the inability to address globalization. Premier Li of China added, “It does not make any sense to blame a rough road and stop moving if I sprain my ankle.”

Trump believes he has the right to command and therefore believes he can impose the duty of the people who live and work in China and across the rest of the world that reflects the constraint of their own self-worth in terms of manufacturing the American dream.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau solicit the geopolitical world in a way that bows down to Donald Trump and the United States. Trudeau stated, “I have always found that whenever he has made an engagement to me or a commitment to me on the phone or in person, he followed through on that, and that is someone you can work with.”

Justin Trudeau needs to lead Canada into the pole-position in the Asia-Pacific region so that Canadians can reap the wealth from this economic hotspot. Canada’s role is to feed and provide resources to feed the engines of the new economic world characterized by the wealth that brings together every man, woman, and child of Canada. A nation can not live at the feet of a President that can not establish his own masculinity in building economic engines in the globalized world that China believes in.

How can Trump make America great again when he’s absorbed with his own self-worth and his family to reap the rewards of their own aggrandizement?



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