Is Hollywood cleaning the house?

  Outrage, finger-pointing as Weinstein scandal grips Hollywood. Harvey Weinstein, the very same person that for decades   represented worldwide the best of Hollywood,  has become the second person ever to be kicked out of the Academy, after Godfather actor Carmine Caridi, who was removed in 2004 for illegally sharing Oscar screeners. Meanwhile,  ...→

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Disney/ABC TV Group Starts Layoffs As Part Of Cost-Cutting & Restructuring

EXCLUSIVE: The looming layoffs at Disney/ABC Television Group have become a reality. Sources say the company today has started notifying employees who are being impacted by the reductions. I hear the number  ...→      

Weinstein Company Board Declares: “We Had No Idea” — Potential Legal Battle With TWC

Harvey Weinstein Hires Patty Glaser For Potential Legal Battle With TWC by Dominic Patten — It could be a battle of the brothers in the courts very soon as deposed and much-accused Harvey Weinstein has  ...→      

Trump Threatens to Challenge NBCUniversal’s Broadcast Licenses Over NBC News Report

Seth Kelley — President Donald Trump has threatened to challenge the broadcast licenses of NBC and other networks in a series of tweets posted Wednesday morning. The tweets were apparently spurred by  ...→      

European Human Rights Body Slams “Gender Bias at All Levels” in Film Industry

by Nick Holdsworth The European Council issues its first-ever pan-European recommendation to “promote practical solutions” to gender bias in the film industry. The European Union’s top  ...→      

Jóvenes de las Américas debaten en Cuba sobre comunicación

  Intelectuales de varios países debatieron (el 21 sep) en Cuba sobre el control de la comunicación por los grandes monopolios informativos y posibles alternativas, durante el IV Encuentro de Pensamiento  ...→      

Republicans’, Democrats’ Views of Media Accuracy Diverge

  by Andrew Dugan and Zac Auter STORY HIGHLIGHTS 14% of Republicans believe news media get the facts straight 62% of Democrats agree College-educated are most likely to find news media credible WASHINGTON,  ...→      

How Big Pharmaceutical and Big Agra “ghostwrite” articles to disguise PR as news.

  Ghostwriters on the Storm: How Big Pharmaceutical (and everyone else) Ghostwrites Articles Did you ever read an “article” on a “reputable news site” that was so much like an advertisement  ...→      

Ofcom faces possible judicial review over Murdoch bid to own Sky

By Simon Gwynn A pressure group has said it will apply for a judicial review over Ofcom’s ruling that the Murdoch family would be “fit and proper” owners of Sky. Rupert Murdoch: founder,  ...→      

Box Office: With No Wide Releases, Record-Low Summer Looks to End With a Whimper

  By Seth Kelley – No third-act plot twist here. What is tracking to be the slowest summer box office season in over a decade looks to end in perhaps the most anticlimactic manner possible — with no  ...→      

Disney-ABC TV Group Eyes Cost Cuts, Staff Restructuring

The company is hoping to reduce costs by 10 percent by the end of the fiscal year. Disney-ABC Television Group is looking to make cuts. The company, led by Ben Sherwood, is aiming to reduce costs by 10 percent  ...→      

México aprueba a AT&T la adquisición de Time Warner

  Reuters OPERACIÓN CALCULADA EN 85,400 MILLONES DE DÓLARES Por CLAUDIA JUÁREZ ESCALONA La compañía recibió el aval de los reguladores mexicanos (el IFT y la Cofece) para absorber al gigante  ...→      

Disney abandona Netflix

Disney retirará todas sus películas de la plataforma de contenidos audiovisuales Netflix y lanzará dos servicios de streaming en los próximos dos años, uno especializado en deportes, y el otro, de cine. El  ...→      

HBO Hackers Leak Top Executive’s Emails

HBO Hackers Leak Top Executive’s Emails by Tatiana Siegel   The release of a month’s worth of the executive’s inbox is the first indication that HBO’s emails have been penetrated,  ...→      

América Latina: Progresismo y medios: el fin del ciclo reformista

Por Ava Gómez, María Florencia Pagliarone, Bárbara Ester En el año 2000 comienza en América Latina una década de cambios en las leyes generales que orientaron los medios de comunicación hasta  ...→      

La Política Exterior de Hollywood

Por María Cristina Rosas – Hollywood es, en más de un sentido, la mejor oficina de comunicación social de Estados Unidos. En la primera mitad del siglo XX, el cine fue el principal  ...→      

El Pentágono, la NSA y Hollywood contra el mundo

Análisis:  Por Miguel Ángel Contreras Natera – En una rigurosa investigación de los documentos militares y de inteligencia estadounidense obtenida bajo la Ley  ...→      

Facebook considers supporting publishers’ subscription models

Reuters — Facebook is in early talks with several news publishers about how its social media site can better support subscription business models, the company’s head of news partnerships, Campbell  ...→      

Would Fox owning 100% of Sky benefit advertisers?

The proposed acquisition could yet be referred to the competition watchdog, Gideon Spanier writes.   Rupert Murdoch’s £11.7bn plan to buy the 61% of Sky that 21st Century Fox does not already  ...→      

Hollywood and Film Financiers: A Torrid Love Affair Hits a Rocky Road

Amid box-office uncertainty, the outside money propping up studios becomes a question mark as Texas-based LStar Capital bails on Sony, Village Roadshow suffers several misfires and Paramount’s China backer  ...→      

Cómo los conglomerados mediáticos siguen dominantes en la era digital

 Dênis de Moraes – Los conglomerados de medios se convierten en actores económicos de primera línea en la era digital.  Acumulan diferenciales inaccesibles a organizaciones de menor porte:  ...→      

The summer box office is sending out an SOS: Sinking Movies

By Brent Lang, Seth Kelley – How Too Many Aging Franchises Wrecked the Summer Box Office Once formidable franchises such as “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Transformers” keep hitting icebergs  ...→      

Warner Bros., author J.R.R. Tolkien estate end legal scuffle over ‘Lord of the Rings’ merchandising

Jen Yamato – A five-year battle between the estate of “Lord of the Rings” author J.R.R. Tolkien and Warner Bros. over whether Frodo, Gandalf and their pals can be used to push online gambling,  ...→      

Hollywood, el ganador de la Segunda Guerra Mundial

Fernando Arancón – Si leen estas líneas es que el editor me ha permitido empezar este artículo en primera persona. No tiene precedente en las varias decenas de artículos que he escrito en este medio  ...→      

How Time Warner Is Trying to Fend Off Netflix

Mio Babic escaped war in Yugoslavia, streamed Vegas weddings Apple said to have expressed interest in Babic’s company To fend off Netflix, Time Warner Inc. is taking a page from the streaming-video  ...→      

Rupert Murdoch Insists All Good At Fox News As Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Grows & UK Regulators Meet With U.S. Lawyers

by Dominic Patten On the same day UK regulators met with a U.S. lawyer who wants to stop 21st Century Fox’s purchase of Sky, and a potential class action racial discrimination suit against Fox News Channel  ...→      

Our Dishonest Media

A Parody of the LA Times Editorial of 4/2/17 Jack Garman – It was no secret during the primary and general election campaigns that the mainstream media was narcissistic and demagogic. They misused public  ...→      

Media Stocks Tumble on New Fears Over Cable Advertising

New Challenges Mount for Media Stocks Lego movie, rising cable fees help boost first-quarter profit Ad sales drop; weakest quarter in 7 years: Barclays analyst Gerry Smith – Time Warner Inc.’s  ...→      

Slandering Populism: a Chilling Media Habit

by PAUL STREET –  Imagine I’m not the only political and media observer sickened by the dominant (“mainstream”) corporate media’s habitual reference to xenophobic, right-wing, white-nationalist,  ...→      

Roger Ailes’ fake news empire: Former Fox News head presided over a panoply of phony “sock puppet” blogs

Former Fox News CEO paid for many deceptive sites, including leering blogs promoting female Fox personalities   Megyn Kelly; Roger Ailes; Alisyn Camerota   MATTHEW SHEFFIELD – Since a series  ...→      

Italian Media Regulator Blocks Vivendi’s Italian Expansion

  Nick Vivarelli – ROME — Italian media regulator Agcom has ruled that French media conglomerate Vivendi’s expansion into Italy where it has built large stakes in both Telecom Italia and broadcaster  ...→      

Sylvester Stallone sues Warner Bros. over profits from 1993 movie ‘Demolition Man’

Actor Sylvester Stallone claims that Warner Bros. covered up how much money it made from the 1993 sci-fi movie “Demolition Man.” David Ng – Sylvester Stallone has made a fortune on films like  ...→      

Internet obliga a Pepsi a retirar un anuncio.

Éste, en el que la conocida modelo, Kendall Jenner, consigue desactivar una situación de crisis y evitar una carga policial sobre un falso grupo de manifestantes, solo con una lata de la bebida gaseosa. Las  ...→      

How Significant Is the Music Industry’s Rebound?

Last year saw an upturn in profits thanks to gains in streaming—but many more users will have to sign up in order for growth to continue. SPENCER KORNHABER – Last week, the Recording Industry Association  ...→      

Bill O’Reilly Calls Himself a ‘Target’ After Report Details History of Harassment Claims and Settlements at Fox News

  By Seth Kelley – Bill O’Reilly, Fox News or parent company 21st Century Fox issued five payouts to women totaling about $13 million in exchange for them to not pursue legal action against the  ...→      

Warner Bros. Facing $900 Million Lawsuit Over ‘The Conjuring’ Franchise

by Ashley Cullins –  Gerald Brittle, author of a 1980 book on the paranormal investigators, claims not only to have had an exclusive deal with Lorraine Warren, but that producers substantially lifted his  ...→      

Venezuelan TV Giant Cisneros Said to Go Shopping in Argentina

  Acquisition would bolster Latin American media giant’s output Venezuela’s Venevision owner may work with partner on deal   Pabro Rosendo Gonzalez Cisneros Group of Cos., which controls Venezuelan  ...→      

Warner Bros.’ Sue Kroll calls for cinemas to adapt — but is undercut by Christopher Nolan

Movie studio chiefs have been conspicuously quiet so far in their CinemaCon speeches to theater owners on the key question facing the industry right now — how to make movies available for digital  ...→      

As Exhibitors Fret Over Studios’ Push To Crush Windows

Here’s The Sobering Reality About PVOD – CinemaCon By Anthony D’Alessandro –  At last year’s CinemaCon, the exhibition and distribution community was up in arms over Sean Parker  ...→      

Inside Trump’s War on the Traditional Media

Since his declaration that the media is the “enemy of the people,” White House correspondents have been battling to maintain their position in the new America. Trump is giving them competition by filling  ...→      

Warner Bros. Inaugurates Beijing Office

  Patrick Frater – Asia Bureau Chief Kevin Tsujihara, Warner Bros. chairman and CEO, was on hand Wednesday night in Beijing to officiate at the official opening of the studio’s new office  ...→      

Trump Antitrust Pick Saw Few Hurdles for AT&T-Time Warner Nod

Deal doesn’t raise major issues, Delrahim said before election Trump said on campaign trail that he was against merger Trump and the Future for AT&T, Time Warner Deal by David McLaughlin  ...→      

Six Alleged Piracy Sites Shuttered After MPAA Files Lawsuit

by Patrick Hipes A lawsuit filed last month by the MPPA and the major Hollywood studios against operators of an alleged ring of piracy sites has been unsealed, showing that those sites have been shut  ...→      

Guerra mediática contra los gobiernos progresistas

Luis Britto García – Comunicación revolucionaria debe ser sinónimo de excelencia, y utilizar a fondo la inagotable dotación de talentos de la izquierda. Usaremos a plenitud los medios de que disponemos,  ...→      

Hollywood studios help L.A. with 2024 Olympics bid

By David Ng  Four Hollywood studios are teaming up with the city of Los Angeles to promote its bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics. Disney, Fox, NBCUniversal and Warner Bros. will bring their  ...→      

CAGADA HISTÓRICA DE OSCAR – & – Lista de ganadores

CAGADA HISTÓRICA: Por Margarita Lázaro, María Porcel y Elena Santos – Faye Dunaway y Warren Beatty, protagonistas de Bonnie and Clyde, fueron los encargados de anunciar el último y más grande galardón  ...→      

New Film Releases: Warner Bros. Chief: Studio Is Pushing Forward With Offering Early Access to Movies

Brent Lang  –  Warner Bros. is plunging ahead with its plans to offer earlier access to new film releases, with studio chief Kevin Tsujihara expressing confidence that some theater owners will  ...→      

Warner Bros. Facing Lawsuit Over ‘Lucifer’ Title Music

A copyright and fraud complaint alleges the credited writer reached out to other composers and then passed off the work as his own. Bettina Strauss/FOX Warner Bros. is now in court over allegations that the  ...→      

Ivanka Trump was a trustee for Rupert Murdoch’s daughters’ and oversaw their $300M worth of shares in News Corp and Fox

Ivanka Trump was part of a five-person board who oversaw the $300m trust  of Grace and Chloe Murdoch The daughter of President Trump has always been close to Wendi Deng, the mother of Chloe and Grace,  who  ...→      

Oscar predictions for the new year: 2017

By: Joey Magidson | Deadline Hollywood Friday the 13th. Talk about the proper time to update some predictions, right? After the Golden Globes and the Directors Guild announcements, the race for Academy Award  ...→