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17 Octubre en la Historia

 . 17 Octubre en la Historia, Today in History, Hoy en la Historia,  #976 Highlights of this day in history / Hoy en la Historia: Arab oil embargo fuels energy crisis; Black athletes make silent protest;  Deadly quake hits northern California; Mobster Al Capone convicted of tax evasion; Americans clinch revolutionary victory at Saratoga;  ...→

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16 Octubre en la Historia

 . 16 Octubre en la Historia, Today in History, Hoy en la Historia,  #977 Highlights of this day in history / Hoy en la Historia: Handguns to be banned in the UK; China´s Long March under Mao Zedong; Chile’s  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=64199      

15 Octubre en la Historia,

 . 15 Octubre en la Historia, Today in History, Hoy en la Historia,  #978 Highlights of this day in history / Hoy en la Historia: Millions march in US Vietnam Moratorium;  First draft card burned; Gorbachev  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=64124      

14 Octubre en la Historia

 . 14 Octubre en la Historia #979 Today in History, Hoy en la Historia, Highlights of this day in history / Hoy en la Historia: U.S. servicemen sent to Vietnam for second tours; Martin Luther King, Jr. wins  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=64088      

13 Octubre en la Historia

 . 13 Octubre en la Historia #980 Today in History, Hoy en la Historia, Highlights of this day in history / Hoy en la Historia: Cornerstone laid for what becomes the White House; Government loses Spycatcher  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=64055      

12 Octubre en la Historia

 . Today in History, Hoy en la Historia, Highlights: Columbus lands in Americas; USS Cole bombed in Yemen; Soviet leader Khrushchev bangs shoe at UN; Blast rips Bali nightclub; Opera’s Luciano Pavarotti  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=63981      

11 Octubre en la Historia

 . Today in History, Hoy en la Historia, Highlights: China’s ‘Gang of Four’ arrested; Congress OK’s U.S. military force against Iraq; Former President Jimmy Carter wins Nobel Peace  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=63966      

10 Octubre en la Historia

 . Today in History, Hoy en la Historia, Highlights: Less than a year before Richard M. Nixon’s resignation as president of the United States, Spiro Agnew becomes the first U.S. vice president to resign  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=63946      

09 Octubre en la Historia

 . Today in History, Hoy en la Historia, Highlights: Marxist revolutionary Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara executed in Bolivia; Anthrax-laced letters sent to Capitol Hill; Achille Lauro hijackers surrender;  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=63885      

08 Octubre en la Historia

 . Today in History, Hoy en la Historia, Highlights: Deadly fires scorch Chicago and other parts of Upper Midwest; three trains crash at Harrow; Communist Poland bans labor groups; Commercial radio joins  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=63876      

07 Octubre en la Historia

 . Today in History, Hoy en la Historia, Highlights: U.S. and Britain strike Afghanistan; Achille Lauro hijacked; Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes California governor; Supreme Court pick Clarence Thomas faces  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=63844      

06 Octubre en la Historia

 . Today in History, Hoy en la Historia, Highlights for October 6th: Egypt’s President Anwar Sadat assassinated; Yom Kippur War breaks out in Mideast; Top U.S. arms inspector reports on Iraq’s  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=63793      

05 Octubre en la Historia

Today in History, Hoy en la Historia, Highlights: Cult members die in ‘mass suicide’ discovered by Swiss police; First presidential speech on TV; First victim dies in post-Sept. 11th anthrax  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=63736      

04 Octubre en la Historia

. Sputnik, the first man-made satellite, is launched into orbit; U.S. Blackhawk helicopters shot down in Somalia; Immigrants feel at home with BBC; Silent movie comedy star Buster Keaton born; Rock singer Janis  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=63692      

03 Octubre en la Historia

. OJ Simpson verdict: ‘Not guilty’; East and West Germany reunite after 45 years; St. Francis of Assisi dies; Baseball’s ‘shot heard ‘round the world’; ‘Captain Kangaroo’  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=63657      

02 Octubre en la Historia

  Cannabis ‘causes brain damage’; Rock Hudson dies; Mohandes Gandhi born; President Woodrow Wilson suffers stroke; Thurgood Marshall sworn in as US Supreme Court justice; Peanuts comic strip  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=63604      

01 Octubre en la Historia

. Nazi war criminals sentenced at Nuremberg; Mao Zedong proclaims Communist China; Mississippi race riots over first black student; Henry Ford’s Model T car hits the market; Yosemite National Park established; Game  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=63494      

30 Septiembre en la Historia

USS Nautilus commissioned; Actor James Dean killed in a car crash; Berlin Airlift ends; James Meredith registers at Ole Miss; Mozart’s ‘Magic Flute’ premieres. Hoy en la Historia, Today in  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=63477      

29 Septiembre en la Historia

  Catholics mourn a liberal working-class Pope John Paul found dead after the shortest papal reign in history; Pope John Paul II calls for peace in 90% Catholic Ireland; Khrushchev anger erupts at UN; Reporter  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=63426      

28 Septiembre en la Historia

  Kennedy murder was ‘no conspiracy’; Palestinian self-rule in West Bank agreed; Ariel Sharon visits Jerusalem’s Temple Mount; The American Revolution’s last battle begins; William  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=63350      

27 Septiembre en la Historia

  John Adams appointed to negotiate peace terms with British; Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) Yasser Arafat sign Jordan peace deal; Warren Commission concludes Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in John  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=63257      

26 Septiembre en la Historia

  JFK and Nixon participate in TV’s first presidential debate; UK and China agree Hong Kong handover; Cuba ends Mariel boatlift; Composer George Gershwin, poet T.S. Eliot and tennis star Serena Williams  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=63232      

25 Septiembre en la Historia

  Nine black students escorted into Little Rock’s Central High School as Troops end Little Rock school crisis ; President Woodrow Wilson collapses; Author William Faulkner born; TV’s Barbara Walters  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=63128      

24 Septiembre en la Historia

  The First US Supreme Court; Iraq bombs Iran as hostilities increase; Patricia Hearst gets prison time; Author F. Scott Fitzgerald born; ’60 Minutes’ premieres; Baseball’s Dodgers play  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=63113      

23 Septiembre en la Historia

  Grito De Lares; Charlie Chaplin comes home;  Richard Nixon gives his ‘Checkers’ speech; Rome’s Augustus Caesar born; Lewis and Clark finish trek to America’s West; Psychologist Sigmund  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=63066      

22 Septiembre en la Historia

  War breaks out between Iran and Iraq; Nathan Hale hanged in the American Revolution; Iraq invades Iran; President Gerald Ford faces a second assassination attempt in weeks; ‘Fiddler on the Roof’  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=62980      

21 Septiembre en la Historia

  Benedict Arnold commits treason; President Bill Clinton’s grand jury testimony in the Monica Lewinsky scandal aired on TV; Authors H.G. Wells and Stephen King born; ‘Monday Night Football’  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=62925      

20 Septiembre en la Historia

  US embassy blast kills 20; Magellan begins globe-trotting voyage; Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal dies; Actress Sophia Loren born; Billie Jean King beats Bobby Riggs in ‘Battle of the Sexes’; Singer  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=62857      

19 Septiembre en la Historia

US Immigration slams door on Charlie Chaplin; Nevada is site of first-ever underground nuclear explosion; Mexico suffers devastating earthquake; A pivotal battle in the American Revolution; President James Garfield  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=62819      

18 Septiembre en la Historia

US Capitol cornerstone is laid; US Congress passes the Fugitive Slave Acts; Anthrax tainted letters sent to NBC and the New York Post; Rock legend Hendrix dies. Hoy en la Historia, 18 Septiembre en la Historia, Today  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=62753      

17 Septiembre en la Historia

The Battle of Antietam sets a bloody record during American Civil War; Work ends on U.S. Constitution; Airborne invasion of Holland begins; Israel and Egypt’s leaders sign Camp David Accords; Singer Hank  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=62735      

16 Septiembre en la Historia

Opera star Maria Callas dies; Mexican War of Independence begins; Vietnam War deserters and draft evaders receive conditional amnesty; Gandhi begins hunger strike ; The UK crashes out of the European Exchange  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=62697      

15 Septiembre en la Historia

Four black girls killed in a church blast in Alabama Baptist Church; UN stages daring assault on Inchon, Korea; Nazi Germany adopts Nuremberg laws; President George W. Bush vows massive rebuilding after Hurricane  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=62672      

14 Septiembre en la Historia

Monaco’s Princess Grace dies;  McKinley dies of infection from gunshot wounds; America mourns victims of Sept. 11th attacks; Theodore Roosevelt becomes President; Baseball season cancelled due to players’  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=62620      

13 Septiembre en la Historia

Rabin and Arafat shake on peace deal as Israel and the Palestinians sign a major accord; Francis Scott Key pens Star-Spangled Banner; President George W. Bush takes responsibility for the federal response to Hurricane  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=62571      

12 Septiembre en la Historia

US declares war on terror; America faces the aftermath of the Sept. 11th attacks; Nazis rescue Italy’s Mussolini; JFK confronts critics of his religion; Student leader Steven Biko killed in South Africa;  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=62534      

11 Septiembre en la Historia

US rocked by day of terror; Sights and sounds of this day in 2001, when America suffered the worst terrorist attack on its soil; President Salvador Allende overthrown in Chile coup Hoy en la Historia, 11 Septiembre en  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=62515      

10 Septiembre en la Historia

American Express arrives in Britain; Bomb blasts rock central London; Hungary lets East German refugees leave for West Germany; Louisiana U.S. Senator Huey Long fatally shot; First drunk driving arrest; Elias  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=62499      

09 Septiembre en la Historia

Communist China’s founding leader Chairman Mao Zedong dies; Inmates seize control of Attica prison in upstate New York; ; Elvis Presley first appears on TV’s Ed Sullivan Show; Soul singer Otis Redding  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=62475      

08 Septiembre en la Historia

Italy’s surrender announced; Galveston hurricane kills thousands; President Gerald Ford pardons Richard Nixon; Nazis begin Leningrad siege during World War II; Comedian Sid Caesar born; Original ‘Star  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=62434      

07 Septiembre en la Historia

Panama to control the Panama canal;  Nazi Blitz on Britain begins in World War II; United States nicknamed Uncle Sam; Mobutu Sese Seko dies;  Rapper Tupac Shakur shot; ESPN debuts; Pro Football Hall of Fame  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=62384      

06 Septiembre en la Historia

Funeral held for Britain’s Princess Diana; Mother Teresa mourned in India; First tank produced; President William McKinley shot in Buffalo, N.Y.; Movie director Akira Kurosawa dies; Roger Waters of Pink  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=62356      

05 Septiembre en la Historia

Sam Houston elected as president of Texas; Karachi hijack ends in bloodshed; A massacre at the Munich Olympics; President Gerald Ford escapes the first of two assassination attempts, weeks apart; Jack Kerouac’s  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=62332      

04 Septiembre en la Historia

Geronimo surrenders; Homosexuality ‘should not be a crime’;  Crisis unfolds in Little Rock, Ark. over racial integration in schools; Ford rolls out its ill-fated Edsel; Attorney William Kunstler dies;  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=62254      

03 Septiembre en la Historia

 The Treaty of Paris ends the American Revolution against England; Britain and France declare war on Nazi Germany; Allied troops invade mainland Italy;; Bloody end to the Beslan hostage crisis in Russia; Viking  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=62232      

02 Septiembre en la Historia

Japan signs surrender, officially ending World War II; Vietnam independence proclaimed; Ho Chi Minh dies; Union forces occupy Atlanta during the Civil War; A great fire ravages medieval London;  Wreckage of  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=62188      

01 Septiembre en la Historia

Nazi Germany invades Poland, start of World War II; Beslan hostage crisis begins in Russia; Bobby Fischer beats Boris Spassky for world chess crown; Boxer Rocky Marciano and singer Gloria Estefan born. Hoy en  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=62128      

31 Agosto en la Historia

Britain’s Princess Diana killed in a Paris car crash; Poland’s Solidarity labor movement born; Jack the Ripper’s first victim found dead in London; Violinist Itzhak Perlman and singer Van Morrison  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=62068      

30 Agosto en la Historia

The Decade That African Americans Rallied For Equality; Polish workers win trade union rights;  Thurgood Marshall confirmed as first black Supreme Court justice; The Civil War’s Second Battle of Bull Run  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=62011      

29 Agosto en la Historia

British troops arrive in Corea to assist the Americans ; Hurricane Katrina blows ashore in southeast Louisiana; Gemini V returns to Earth. . #1025 Hoy en la Historia, Agosto 29 en la Historia, Today in History, . BBC’s  ...→   http://bambinoides.com/?p=61978